Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memphis, Floods, Cicadas

I just got back from Memphis after a visit with my mom. I expected to see a lot of flooding on the way down through Missouri as the news has been so bleak all month long. There was some flooding but it was mostly near West Memphis in the flood plain along the Mississippi River, an area that gets flooded each time the river is up. There was some flooding of crop fields near Cape Girardeau along a river that runs out to the Mighty Mississippi but all in all, I'd say it looked pretty good down there. The farmers were planting in the fields and that's a pretty good sign. It was HOT! 102 yesterday. My moms A/C was not working properly so we were hot. Hopefully they got it fixed for her today.

On the way home I was dive bombed by the cicadas. It was honestly like driving into a paint ball fight. They didn't leave a small mark, it was a huge splat on the windshield each time they unfortunately for them found me. WE stopped frequently to clean the windshield. I now notice the shrill sounds outside. All I can say is, I'm glad the A/C is on and the windows are closed! It's noisy out there. They are clung to the house and trees and cicada shells litter the ground. We were warned, this is their grand year! They sure are noisy little boogers!

On a bright note, my clematis is gorgeous! It is heavily blooming now, climbing up the light post which you can't see as it's so inclusive!
I am looking at a catalog to purchase another one, possibly pink next time.
I'd like to get a trellis and plant it in back. I just love clematis. This purple one is pretty old and well established thanks to the previous homeowner.

It's supposed to be in the 90's all week in Columbia so I think I'll stay in and get some work done. I am still playing with the applique but I'm leaning toward doing a few of the first quilts with quick fuse before I start the needle turn applique. Seems like I get to this point each time- it takes so long to start the needle turn that I get discouraged and jump into quick fuse which is, well, "quick"! Creature of habit I guess, good ones and bad ones.

Do you ever do needle turn applique? What is your favorite applique method and why?

I am cutting back on coffee these days, I haven't had creamer in 3 days. There is hope for tomorrow, I know!


  1. I hate these cicada's...our house in Williamsburg is usually so quiet until this week when we can't even hear the traffic on 70 because of them...

  2. I love needleturn applique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It is so relaxing for me. The flowers are beautiful. We don't have cicadas in Colorado but get big grasshoppers that leave big spots on the windsheild later in the summer. It got hot here.... no inbetween temps. Cold to Hot.
    Susan in CO