Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ready for Fall?

The new Pumpkin Patch fabric has shipped and the whole line includes beautiful, rich, fall colors. I especially love how the panel turned out.  Lisa from Sew in Love {With fabric} interviewed me and posted it on her Blog.  See the interview at

Here is one of the free patterns on our website-
Scroll down the main page to Free Pattern Downloads
and this pattern is called Sunflower Wall hanging. There are lots of free patterns offered so take a look

We used the fabrics on some new and old quilts and posted them on our website at
The first is #322 Autumn in New England.  A beautiful new look to one of our Classics! The pattern includes directions for a 28” x 28” wall quilt, 12” pillows & 14” x 35” table runner.

#415 Midnight Pumpkins has directions for the 48” x 60” Quilt shown plus we added directions for a 16”x 30” Table Runner.  Its so easy and looks so good!

 #377 Harvest Song is the third in the Bird Song series and has directions for a 52" x 52" quilt plus 16" x 36" table runner included.

Incidentally we are working on another pattern in the Bird Song series- It is coming soon!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Liberty Hill is Here

I am woefully behind in posting and I apologize!  This last year has been crazy at best and I have  struggled to keep up mentally and physically. I had shoulder surgery& torn bicep repair last fall and I am almost done with Physical Therapy.  Glad that is behind me. I didn't really take any time off but I enjoyed a light schedule for a while.

It all started last year with the Bear Paws fabric line.  No sooner than I got a few patterns ready then the Crafty Cats fabric line came out.  I did a few new patterns and before I could finish A Moose for Christmas was sent to me and I started those patterns.  They were shown at Quilt Market in the fall.
I had to start making lists to keep straight on everything.

I had gone to New York last June and finished the Liberty Hill fabric line.  It is rich and full of color. Liberty Hill fabrics arrived just Christmas and we just finished five new patterns.  We also posted lots of fabric and sample bundles here- Prairie Grove Peddler on Etsy.

This is the full Liberty Collection quilt using three of the patterns.  
I put a free PDF on our website with finishing directions.

32" x 44"
Retail $9.00
It is mostly pieced with the four animals as applique.


36" x 45"
Retail $9.00
It is mostly pieced with applique flowers and goose.

This one is #413 Liberty Garden
29" x 45"
Retail $9.00
It is mostly pieced with applique flowers, bunny and bee skep.
We also used two little Monarch butterfly buttons 

I also redid #374 Stars & Stripes in the new fabrics 
Retail $8.00

and a new quickie pieced pattern called #414 One Starry Night
Retail $8.00
This one also includes directions for two different table runners.

The Pumpkin Patch fabric arrived in January and we now have three more patterns being quilted. Pictures posted soon-  I promise!  Panel here.

Down the road-
Chicks on the Run fabric line will be shown in May at the International Quilt Market with a few new patterns. We are finishing models currently and almost ready for quilting. I will post soon.
Sneak peek-

Sunshine Garden fabric line will be shown in July at Bernina U. with the new patterns.
Winter Wonderland will be shown this fall at Quilt Market for next years holiday. New patterns available.

See why I have been so crazy?  Just last week alone I was working on different six different fabric lines, between, proof reading Liberty Hill patterns, quilting the Pumpkin Patch quilts, applique on the Chicks on the Run quilts, designing patterns for Sunshine Garden line, approving color tones on the Winter Wonderland line, and drawing up a panel for my newest line- I can't tell you yet but it might be a forest animal!

I keep thinking I will slow down in my old age but apparently I'm not old enough yet.
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