Thursday, August 30, 2018

Getting in the Mood for Fall

It's been a crazy busy summer and no vacation in sight -yet.  I finished another new fabric line plus I have been working on new patterns for next years fall fabric line called Harvest Berry. It is putting me in the mood for pumpkins.  Everything in the fabric world happens well in advance.  It's hard to keep up with what time of year it is at times! I am starting spring fabric next. 

Our garden didn't do much this year.  The coons got most of the corn.  Our Beagle passed away last year so this was the first year it was unguarded.  Funny we forgot how destructive the coons can since we had a "guard Beagle" for 13 years.  We miss her for many reasons.

The lack of rain didn't help most of the garden and my favorite Amish store didn't get any Peaches from Southern MO this year.  All in all there wasn't much freezing or canning going on.  My husband made Kosher dill pickles.  That's about it. 

Here are a few new Moose patterns for the Moose Lake fabric line. This is Moose Lake.

and this one is Moose Crossing