Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Post!

I am on Pinterest and having a good time looking around. I've found quite a few craft ideas and food! Lots of Easter decorating ideas too and it will be here before we know it. If you are on Pinterest, let me know so I can follow you. If you want to follow me, click the red Pinterest button to the right and then click follow. If you are not on Pinterest, you can ask at the top for an invite. It's really fun and there's lots to see and read about. You can RE-PIN pages that you want to share or keep for future reference, or LIKE them. There's .lots of recipes, decorating ideas, kids stuff like crafts and cooking, even cute doggie and baby pictures to see. There's a good DIY section.

I have been so preoccupied by my Business Law class- may goodness, all of the case briefs!
~~ sigh~~ My last class is next week with the final presentation and paper due.
Then, I have just five classes to go to graduate! Who-hoo. Someone asked me recently what I'll do with the degree and I have no clue at this point. My mom will be so proud though and that's why I'm really doing it. I am because I can!

I have spoken to the fabric company about the newest line (#4) and they are sending me fabrics in a month. I will have three lines of fabric showing at the next quilt market. Unbelievable!
You already saw the Wintersong and Rustling leaves line but #3 is the best of all. I will get both of those scanned and listed on my website this week so you can see all of the yummy fabrics. They are all available for order now and I'm sure they will ship to the quilt stores very soon.

I got to see Lily the other day and that child- has already gained a pound in her young 2 weeks. She's an emotional eater I guess! She is so healthy! Here's a picture of her next to a picture of Sarah-talk about looking alike? Wow, what a resemblance! They are both about 2 weeks here. It's like looking at the same baby. Grace informed me she doesn't want to play with the Barbie house now, she's afraid she will mess it up! She wants to just look at it.
Too funny!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rustling Leaves is here!

I just got my package full of fabric from my new Rustling leaves line from Benartex. I believe the fabric is for sale already so I don't have to keep it quiet! There are two panels with this line. One can be used for a wall hanging, or cut up for pillows. The other just has lots of leaves on it. It'd make a good table runner or could be cut up for craft projects. I think the fabrics turned out really nice- I just love fall fabric! I can't wait to use it on some new projects. Here's more shots of it below. I actually painted these leaves with watercolors. They turned out nice on fabric!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lily Has Arrived

We are so blessed with baby Lily in our family. She is my 6th grandchild, arriving Friday night. She looks just like her mommy did as a baby. What a joy to hold a tiny 6 lb. baby in my arms!

Meanwhile, Grace just LOVED her dollhouse. It was great timing on it when Lily arrived. Hopefully it will keep her busy and mommy can have a little one on one time with Lily.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Doll House

Here's the finished doll house for five year old Grace. My husband built it and I got to finish it out. I used the Three Sisters line of fabric from Moda to cover everything. I glued it to the walls and used chenille for the carpets.

The bedrooms turned out really nice, they have wood beds, ceiling fans and lace curtains. I made a lot of potted plants to scatter around. We hung the pictures over the beds so Grace could change them out when she wants something new there. The tiny little pictures in the gold frames are hot glued on the walls. I hot glued everything I thought Lily might get hurt on, you know, all of the teeny tiny stuff.

I made ceiling fans from large Popsicle sticks, tulip beds and gold wire. I had some old miniatures leftover from my crafting days and I found a place for them. The kitchen holds little pans, apothecary jars and gold key charms that I nailed to a wood strip and hung on the wall. I actually bought miniature cabinet knobs but by the time they arrived we had already installed the cabinets. I tried to purchase some gingerbread trim for the roof but Hobby Lobby was out. If it gets restocked soon, we'll add that later. My goal was to get the house finished before Lily comes into the world. There's a nursery on the top floor and a porch with a swing on the side on the bedroom.

I added a garage on the bottom floor for her barbie car- one that Sarah had a a child. I put a tool chest in there too. Everyone always complains how I never want to get rid of stuff but I made Sarah keep all of her Barbies and I think Grace is happy I did. I also had a lot of little junk to use on this doll house!

The ceiling fan in the living room is bigger than the others and I found a 5" mirror to hang on the wall. I was able to make lamp shades using cardboard with fabric glued to it. The front door is actually wood and the toe kick is gold cardboard . Notice the mouse?

I can't believe it's finally done-

Her little sister Lily is due this week and I am way overdue for her birthday gift. BTW, She got to see Miss Missouri last week (left) and got to wear her crown and sash. How cool, huh? Grace thought Miss Missouri was a real princess when she came in the ice cream parlor with the crown and all.

We made Sarah a doll house when she was five years old (right) and my husband and I got busy about a month ago to make this one for Grace.

I have to say this one is MUCH better! We are more experienced I guess!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We have winners!

Wow, there were LOTS of entries! Way to go ladies- and since there were so many, I'll draw 2 names:
Eileen from TX and Darlene from IL.
You both get your pick of 4 titles. Congratulations. I'll send them this week.

As for everyone else who entered this week, I'll send you one of your four choices for entering!

Thanks for checking in and following, it's been kind of hard to balance all of the extra schoolwork and everything else in the last few months but my second class just ended and I'm only in one class at a time for the next six classes. Then I graduate! Who-hoo!

My husband and I have been working on a doll house for my 5 yr old grand-daughter Grace. Her birthday was a few weeks ago and we are way overdue to finish it. I promise to photograph it when it's finished, but not until then. Last week on Friday I set my mind to getting it done. I worked on it all day, until late in the night, then got up at 5am on Saturday to work on it again. I stuck with it all day except the six hours I babysat for my grandsons. When I came home that night, I went back to work until 7:30 am. I really thought I'd get it done. NOT. Close but so far away.

Let me see if I can give you a visual- it's 3'wide by 4'tall. It's all wood, 4 levels. Shabby chick white.
The bottom floor: laundry room and garage
next one up: living room and kitchen
upper floor: open porch, 2 bedrooms
top floor: nursery
OK, so you noticed, no bathroom. We'll build an outhouse later.

1. I have wall paper in each room- it's all part of a single line of Moda fabrics from 3 Sisters (peachy pinks)
2. there's carpet in the bedrooms and living room (chenille)
3. there's carpet in the nursery (peachy pink Minkie)
4. there's wood floors in the laundry room and upper porch
5. there's tan fabric in the kitchen to resemble tile
6. there's gray fabric in the garage to resemble concrete

we made a wood washer/dryer, fabric sofa & love seat, wood tables, wood kitchen cabinets w/ stove and sink, an island, beds, cedar chest, lamps, a wood porch swing, baby bed (rocking), toy box, wood patio furniture w/ tables, quilts,

we still need to finish: ceiling lights, lampshades, ceiling fans, door knobs, cabinet knobs, window boxes, curtains, kitchen shelf, garage tool box, and a second coat of paint on a lot of the furniture.

It has been a labor of love. I have no time to do it but I'm consumed by it so until it's done, that's probably all I'll be doing besides schoolwork. I hope to have it finished by Friday and post pictures.