Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Autumn is in the Air

Just when I think I am about to cross everything off my list and catch up, I realize there are things I never even added to the list to start with. ~~sigh~~

We got a new puppy last month and she has consumed the majority of my time.  It's actually my son's puppy but I find myself helping every chance I get.  She is a tiny 2 pound Chihuahua named Zoey.  My Yorkie is not quite sure she likes her yet but they are starting to play together when no one is watching.  Zoey has those very sharp puppy teeth and Toto has learned the hard way that Zoey plays rough.  We are still working on the potty training as my son gets busy and forgets to take her out often enough.  Hence, the Pine-Sol smell in the kitchen.  Zoey is such a little joy to have around.  Every time we go shopping, we take her along in a doggie carrier since she is so small and too little to leave home alone yet. No one at the store even knows she is in there. She rides along in the cart and never peeps at all.

My garden  is almost done.  It was a great year.  Our late crop of tomatoes is a hit to everyone who visits.  We usually send some home with them.  I started the last flat of seed around July 4 and we are still getting an abundance of tomatoes.

I still have butter and romaine lettuce growing along the deck rails in planter boxes.  It's my third planting of lettuce.  We planted two crops of sweet corn also.  This is working out rather well.  I did some cutting of my basil plant and rooted them in the kitchen window.  Now I'm ready to pot them up for the living room window this winter. I just love a garden in the living room all winter. I have a few other plants to bring in also.

I did my last craft fair last week with my daughter and it worked out really well. I literally sold everything.  At the end I found another vendor to buy the EZ Up Shelter and even the cash register. While I enjoyed the craft fairs for 30 years I felt it was time to stop.  I am ready for a new chapter in my life and plan to take more time off.  I have a lot of books calling my name and I'm tired of being so busy.  Anybody else feel that way?

I added new pdf patterns to Craftsy-

I am selling off the last of the Harvest Song fabric here-

I also added some of my last remaining quilt models.  Check them out.

I am listing things on Ebay as I have time also. Right now there is some one yard cuts.