Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finding Stuff But Loosing Others

Eileen reminded me this morning, by email, that husbands have just as much stash as we do, only their stash stays in the garage. I did think about that for a while and decided that maybe my stash could be rethought somehow into "looking" like something that we really needed. You know, the way men do that so well! We have lots of things that "look" like they are needed, even if they are only used once a year. Now, while this seems to me like unnecessary "stuff", somehow in his mind it all must be needed at some point. I guess in the scope of things, my little stash seems insignificant at this point. I do think I'll go easy on the trash can!

I spent the last two days unloading boxes with my daughter's help. I really do have a lot of stuff and I'll be the first one to admit it now. I had three big boxes of keepsakes from my pre-wedding life. Yep, that's right. Three boxes of them. All of the kid vacation, high school memories, first prom stuff. I even have my first Villager purse, remember them?

I also have my Brownie camera still in the original box and a roll of film in there. I have my two girl scout sashes, both with badges covering them. One was the
Junior, one was the Cadette.

I have my first piggy bank, pictured. You can even see where I tore the top to get the coins put. I also have the first Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that I made as a teenager when I left my barbie clothes design/ sew phase. Do you see my problem? How can I throw out those memories? They are too precious.

I saved most of it yesterday but I did toss a few things and my daughter took a lot- I guess she has the gene also. I'm a emotional hoarder. My mom keeps giving me things of hers that remind me of my childhood and there's just no letting go. My sister's don't have the same attachment to any of it. Why is that, do you suppose?

Next weekend, we're going through the boxes of saved things post-wedding. I know I have clipping of babies first haircuts, lots of albums and baby clothes, including Sarah's first bikini she wore when she was 18 months. It should get interesting.

Thanks for hanging out with me through the transition. I wouldn't have guessed that moving a household and warehouse would be this time consuming. Especially when I have help with the warehouse! It's coming right along though. We've been shipping orders this week and only had a few delays of items that we couldn't find! I know they're here- just where are they hiding?

We'll start the drawing again next weekend. I need a little time to find some special things. I'm feeling like the first one for February will be for a finished item. I also plan to release a couple new Cross Stitch charts soon. They're almost ready. Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is It Friday Yet?

Ok, somewhere in this mess is my calendar and I know it's here, I just can't find it. My month has seemed like a blur. I know it's January, I just don't know what part of January it is. I'm swimming in boxes and "stuff". I know I'm a pack rat, partially because my husband keeps telling me so but mostly because I moved a whole lot of stuff that should have been tossed out years ago.

I have fabric. Lots and lots of fabric. I am a fabri-holic. Ok, I said it. I'm exposed.
I have a lot of art supplies. You just never know when you might break out in a painting mood or something. You know what I mean?

I have oil paints, water colors, tons of acrylics, pastels, and I still have chalk. I have stacks of watercolor papers, canvases, piles of specialty papers and then there's my brush collection. It took me years to acquire those beautiful brushes. It's extensive. I'm a life long artist and collector of art supplies. How could I possibly let go of my supplies? I might use them when I retire, right?

I found lots and lots of papers, colored papers, crafty papers and lots of crayons. I think this looks like a great grandkid collection to keep around. I also found numerous sets of paper dolls. Grace is going to have so much fun!

I have my cross stitch collection. I have my collection of charts for when I retire. I have kits, fabrics and every color of every kind of floss and pearl cotton. It's a beautiful collection. I look forward to the day when I can sit and stitch all day just for fun!

I have yarns, beads and buttons. Too many to sort through but well enough to entertain me when I retire. I have to admit that I do not add to my collections much anymore. They seem to maintain themselves.

My husband made me promise to go through everything and get rid of one box full each week. I have hundreds of boxes here and I think that's something I can probably do. It will be sad though.

Now I have to make sure he doesn't see all of the excess collectibles that I have been
hoarding for the last 30 years. I don't think he knows about those boxes yet!

Thanks to everyone who emailed last week. If you didn't get a return email, email me again and let me know. I still have all of those original emails and I might have missed one. I have been a little busy lately.

I told my husband yesterday that I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. He told me to watch out, it might be a train coming.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moving, Moving and More Moving!

Does it ever end? I don't know. We're about 2/3 moved so far. The weather has been good for the most part.

We still have no internet connection at the Prairie Grove Peddler so orders are still delayed. Bear with us if you have placed an order recently. Fortunately, I have a connection at home to use for now.

I sent an email to everyone who entered the Blog drawing last week so check your email. There's a surprise for you all. I personally think it was a good week to enter! I hope all of you respond this week. Next week we'll start a whole new drawing with possibly another quilt or finished project. You'll have to check back later and see what it is.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Cold Weekend With A Snowman Quilt Winner!

We have a winner! It's Kathy from Louisiana. Congratulations Kathy! I'll be sending you a snowman quilt tomorrow.

Sorry for the delay today with the announcement. There's internet troubles again, probably from the frigid temps. The worst is over for us fortunately. The move is going slow. I had hoped to have it all done this week but it may take a bit longer. Orders are going out slowly so bear with us.

This week is special with the move and all. SOOO, I am going to offer something special to you. Email me before January 16 at midnight with "MOVE" in the subject line and I'll send you something special next week. Let me know if you are a quilter or cross stitcher. Thanks and have a nice evening!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Moving is So Much Work!

It has been a crazy week getting things done for the big move. The phones were supposed to be transferred today but, of course, they are not working properly and it's Friday so it will be Monday now before they work I suppose. So- NO INTERNET this weekend. What did we do before we had internet? I honestly don't know!

Orders will be delayed for a while so your patience is appreciated! I'll still do the drawing for the Winter Garden quilt on Sunday as planned.

Between painting, packing, and inventory, I look so forward to being done. We had horrible weather these last two weeks and set some records there also which has further added to our delay! Hopefully, the move will continue this week.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year's

Well, better late than never! It is crazy around here with all the moving going on. The move is going slower than anticipated but we hope to be back in business at full speed by January 18.

We do have winners today for last week's BLOG drawing.
For Cross Stitch, the winners are Lori from OH and Mary from NY.
For Quilt, the winners are Rita from TX and Lina from CA.
Congratulations ladies, I'll send the snowmen out tomorrow!

This week, I'll have one drawing with ONE winner for a finished and quilted Snowman Wall hanging. It's from my quilt pattern called My Winter Garden.
I'll draw the winner next Sunday morning.

To enter: Email me at before midnight Saturday 1/09.
Put WINTER GARDEN in the title.
Put your name & mailing address in the body of the email.

I'm working on new cross stitch charts and will release a couple in another week or two. New Quilt patterns are underway for Spring. There's lots of good things going on even with all of the snow on the ground!