Saturday, October 31, 2009

NEW Little Candle Mat

I have two new candle mats that I'm releasing this week.

The first one is chart #51 Little Candle Mats- Red Houses. It is 8-1/2" finished and uses Natural linen. I also used Weeks Dye Works wool- Kudzu and DMC pearl cotton #5 to finish it. It says "Home Sweet Home" with my initials and date. It will be on the website later this week.

There's a Retail Online Show starting this Thursday and running through Sunday of next week. I am not going to be an exhibitor but some of my charts are offered on there. The Fabric Contessa is one of those shops that have my charts so be sure to check her out.

Click here for more information on the show itself and to sign up.

I'll post another picture tomorrow of the other Little
Candle Mat released this week.
Don't forget the new weekly drawing starts tomorrow
so check back to see what's offered. I'll post this week's
winner tomorrow also.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Where did all the color go?

Oh, it's so sad when the beautiful leaves fall off of the trees. We have had a cold front come through today and all the leaves are literally flying by. This was a beautiful gold tree for about a week. Seems like Fall has set in and Winter is just around the corner for the Midwest anyway.

Just a reminder about the Weekly Drawing on Sunday- email your entries by tomorrow night for a chance to win this week. Sunday also starts a whole new week so check back for what's in next weeks Weekly Drawing.

The Retail Online Needlework Show starts on November 5. I'll post the link to it next week when it opens. Also, two new Little Candle Mats are almost here. I'll post pictures next week also.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm enjoying this coffee tonight so much. I have the best creamer in it- cinnamon vanilla. Yum. Oh, and my cup. I love my cup. It's SO special. My cup came to me personally from Carol Endres, the folk art designer. I met her in 1999 at the St. Louis Quilt Market. She came into my booth and admired my cabbage bunnies that I had a pattern for. I knew who she was because I had a few of her designs already at the time.

I gave her one of my bunnies at the show. She was so sweet and she sent me this coffee cup with a hand written thank you note. I truly was so honored. I still have the thank you note to this day. The cup has been my favorite ever since.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

NEW Weekly Drawing!

Want something fun to do? Starting today, we are going to have a Weekly Drawing through this Blog. Each week will offer something different such as cross stitch charts, quilt patterns, supplies and even finished products like quilts and cross stitch. Each week I'll post on the Blog about what's being offered. All entries must be made by midnight each Saturday night. Drawings will be made each Sunday. Sound easy?

This week, I'm offering a Pre-finished Check Book Cover for use with your cross stitch,
punchneedle, stitchery & wool applique designs. Designs can
be attached permanently or temporarily to change out often.
It has two pockets inside for checkbook and register. A Cross stitch chart for the design shown is included. The best part, the winner gets to choose your own color from 8 choices.

Email me before Saturday midnight at Send your name, address and email address and put in the subject line "Check Book Cover" to be entered in the drawing. I will post the winner next Sunday. Part of the rules, the email must be sent direct to us. Sorry, emails with FW: in front are not considered. Entries without all three- name, address and email address are also not considered. As a winner, if you prefer not to have your complete name posted, just let us know. Some do, some don't.
Thanks, and good luck!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Already?

Well, I can see this week is going to fly by. I got back from the Houston Quilt Market and Festival yesterday after 2 weeks away. Amazing how much business goes on without even being here! I have an enormous amount of orders yet to ship from market. Donna has been keeping up with most of what came in but I'll be helping today to get the rest out. It's a little before 5 a.m. and I'm ready to work! Motivation!

We are almost done with the Online Needlework Show orders. We'll send the last of them tomorrow. Winners for the drawings will be shipped the promised new charts tomorrow or Thursday. Everything should be on its way by Friday for sure. If you won one of the daily drawings, and didn't send in your mailing address, well, now would be a good time! I can't tell you what the two new charts are yet but the winners will find out in a few days. It's a secret! I'll post pictures here in a few weeks.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Winners Day 6!

The winners from Monday are Nancy, Laurie and Lisa. Shop winners are Karol, Deb and one with no name included. Everyone has been emailed. Thanks for entering!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Winners Day 4

Had more winners today from the Online Needlwork Show. I had hundreds of emails each day and actually have not read them all but I will. Saturdays winners are Terry, Sally and Karol. Shop winners are Lynda, Ruth and one with no actual name listed. I have emailed you all so watch for them. Thanks for entering. It has been a great show so far. One more day for viewing.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

International Quilt Market

International Quilt Market in Houston, TX started today and there was a huge crowd when the doors opened. It looks well attended by the quilt shops. I know there is a lot of new items on display and a lot of excitement in the air. Tomorrow is a new day.

We had dinner a Houston's Restaurant tonight and saw a lot of other quilt show people eating there also. It's a favorite restaurant for everyone attending! Last night we ate at a Chinese buffet. This is so funny, there was an ice cream machine next to some desserts. Next to that was some dark brown sauce with a ladle. I thought it was chocolate sauce and honestly it looked exactly like chocolate sauce. It wasn't. Yuck. It was fish sauce. Only in a Chinese restaurant would they put fish sauce next to ice cream! We all had such a laugh! So ended my day!

Drawings Day 3

The Online Needlework Show continues. Winners for day 3 were Michele, Gwen and Terry. Shop winners were Tamara, June and Carol. All were emailed so check those emails ladies.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Snowmen & Poinsettia Candle Mats

What a beautiful Autumn day. It's blustery and cold outside and a great day to stay in and work! The Online Needlework Show starts on Wednesday. You can view it at It is a wholesale show but can be viewed by everyone. It's fun to see all the new charts and products from all of the companies. You have to contact your favorite Needlework shop to order.

I just added two new candle mats to the website. Chart #49 Little Candle Mats-Poinsettias and Chart #50 Little Candle Mats- Snowmen.They are easy to finish and instructions are included with each chart. Professional finishing is available through our website if you don't do finishing yourself. You can email us for more information.

There will be two new candle mats next month.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Morning Coffee

Well, it's 1:30 in the morning ~again and I'm still up drinking coffee. Seems I always have so much to do and I never quite catch up. Is there such a thing as catching up? I don't know.

Next week is Quilt Market & Festival in Houston and I have so much to do to get ready for it. The cross stitch show in St. Charles, MO was great but I had to leave a day early due to a funeral. Sorry if we missed you there. We had a family tragedy last week but everyone seems to be doing better these days.

I will release 2 more candle mats next week. They should be on the website by the end of next week before I leave for Houston. The Online Needlework Wholesale Show also starts next week. It's a busy time, that's for sure.

The leaves around here are starting to turn colors already. We are having cold and rainy weather, typical of Fall anyway. We'll be raking leaves before you know it!