Monday, February 18, 2013

More Winter Blues

 We have a nasty flu strain running through our town and my son got it a week ago.  I've been waiting to get it myself but so far, so good.  We all had flu shots but the shots only cover a few strains and not this nasty stomach flu going around right now.  Spring- where are you?

I ordered a bunch of seeds, just couldn't contain myself.  They are all here spread out on the table and I'm deciding where to plant them all.  I think we have to enlarge the garden to fit everything in.  It will be another drought season I'm sure but I'm craving home grown veggies right now and I'll risk the watering.  I'm starting a few new flower beds also.  My husband doesn't know it yet but he will!

We scrapped the trip to Houston to visit Memphis instead.  I took my daughter and two granddaughters down to see my mom.  It was a cold and windy trip but my mom enjoyed it!  It was the first time she got to meet Miss Lily, who just turned a year old.  The trip was actually a great one considering we had a 6 year old and one year old on a nine hour drive.  The girls were great and no one made a fuss at all.  We would have gone sooner had we known!  We stopped at Lambert's Restaurant in Sikeston, Missouri to have lunch.  They are famous for "throwed rolls" and I caught a few myself.  The only problem is that they are hot when they throw them and the rolls kind of mush in your hands if you catch them too tightly!  It was fun though.

We are expecting measurable snow this week, though not like the whopper the northeast got last week, it will be sufficient for us Mid-Missourians to count it as winter.  My husband is excited as he has a snow plow! 

I finished converting all the quilt patterns finally and have a few craft patterns to go.  It's been a long job, taking about nine months actually.  That's what I get for having so many I guess.  They will all go on the website soon.

I have actually been working on a some new designs and ready to start pulling fabric to get started.  I have new fabric line coming out the spring.  I'll post pictures when it's ready.