Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday

Dishes are done. House is cleaned. Leftovers in the frig. I even have a pot of navy bean soup cooking in the crock pot for tonight. The turkey was good, my husband cooked it this year. I got the tree put up last evening but the lights didn't work so what's a girl to do? Toss them and shop for new ones. I went out to Wal-Mart last night looking for LCD lights for the tree and they had none. Imagine- not a LCD package in sight. So, I headed to Michaels. I got 2 packages of 100 lights each. We'll see if that's enough to make the tree glow!

I'm excited to decorate the tree this year- our first Christmas in this new house. I opened a box with my nativity set and found quite a surprise. Apparently, I haven't set up my nativity set for a few years, 6 years to be exact.

The last year I put it out was when we lived in Iowa and I moved from Iowa in 1994. I have been looking for our Christmas stockings for about 6 years and I found them in the box with the nativity set. I now have an additional son-in-law and daughter-in-law plus five grandchildren. I guess I have a few more stockings to make. I also found a great tree skirt I'd made and completely forgot about. Another duh moment for me! It's great though and I'll be using it from now on.

I hand painted the nativity set around 1985. I had a kiln and taught ceramics in those days and I love to paint. My husband went deer hunting that year and took my two small children to my mom's for the weekend. I was in Heaven! I painted all night long and never slept that weekend. I was determined to get it done before they returned and I did. A few years later I painted a second set for my mom. I've been moving the set around for these 25 years and it's held up pretty well. I am finally putting it out on display this year.

I'm headed out soon to do a bit of shopping. (I'm out of creamer so I can't have coffee until I shop anyway!) Starbucks, here I come! I'm looking forward to a little Christmas shopping. I've studied the ads, made my lists and checked them twice, so to speak. I'm headed to Penney's for a few more of those great blankets to start. Have a great Friday!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beautiful Autumn Morning

I just love it when the heat comes on in the morning in early fall and there's that smell. You know, the one that smells warm and cozy. It's probably the dust burning off of the furnace but it has that smell that reminds me of when I was a child and getting ready for school. I remember getting ready on the bedroom floor next to the heat register. That was before the days of programmable thermostats and everyone turned their temps way low at night to save money. Brrrrrr. That smell always brings back those cold morning memories.

OK, just got another cup of coffee so I can keep going. I've done it again- I am addicted to my cinnamon coffee creamer again. It's almost winter, it's cold out and coffee is just so good in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, you know, just anytime. I'll work on my addiction in the Spring. My secret motto these days- why do today what you can put off til tomorrow? I guess it's a Fall thing, the motivation to work fades and I'm in more of a mood to clean the house and re-organize for the holidays.

I'll be putting up the Christmas tree next weekend so I have a lot of shifting and cleaning to do. Yesterday, I took my beloved13 piece Queen Ann dining room set to an antique shop near St. Louis to sell. It is from 1920 and a huge set. We were the third owners, having purchased it at auction in 1978. I wanted to sell it when I moved last year but didn't find time. I have no dining room now and it is a huge set and needs a lot of space. My last dining room was 16' x 20' and it took up every bit of the space.

For the last year, my dismantled 9' table was leaning against the wall in my hallway, the 6' buffet was in my kitchen along with my credenza, oak desk and table set, the china cabinet was in my living room along with all of my living room furniture, a book case and two curio cabinets. The chairs and leaves were scattered all over the basement. It was time to go. I know I'll move again someday but I don't plan to get a bigger house at this stage in my life. It's so empty here this morning! The hall is so big now!

I did do a drawing this morning and I was surprised at how many entered for the new quilt project patterns. There are two winners, chosen by my husband.
They are: Jan from FL and Diane from MO
Congratulations ladies!

I also want to say thank you to everyone who faithfully reads the Blog and I'll also send one of the 4 x 4's to all of you who entered this past week. I'll be emailing you for your choice. Thanks for entering.

Oh, one more thing- I shopped at Penney's yesterday and got new blankets and, oh my goodness! I LOVE them. If you need blankets, check out the Chris Madden LuxPlush blankets. I'm having seven extra people for Christmas and needed a lot more bedding and there's no better place for bedding than Penney's. I had purchased their plush blankets which, by the way, are on sale for $19.99, any size, mind you! A great deal in itself.

Anyway, yesterday at the store, I needed a purple one (I am coordinating colors for my two new granddaughters- one loves purple and one loves teal, so what's a grandma to do?) and the only kind that had purple was the Chris Madden ones. I also got two new lap quilts for the living room in the same brand. Last night, I didn't want to leave the recliner and neither did Austin. The blankets were heavenly. It's worth taking a peak if you need some- they cost more but are so worth it. I hope this link works....

Nothing like a quick post ( I know, too late) Watch for an email from me on your choice of 4 x 4. Have a great week ladies!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What a Week!

It's late and I'm not sleeping yet (about 3 am.) I thought I'd take this opportunity to post since I've been so negligent on Blogging recently. The new patterns are pictured on the website at

Houston Quilt Market & Festival were great but I'm so glad to be back home (and sleeping in my own bed). Two weeks away is a long time even though we spent most of it visiting old friends and my sister. Actually, visiting my sister is like going to a spa for a week. She has a beautiful home with all of the amenities of a great hotel. There's even a pool in the back yard if the weather is warm enough to enjoy it.

Last Thursday I had an outpatient surgery - it was uneventful for the most part and I slept for pretty much three full days afterwards. My only drawback is that I broke blood vessels in both eyes following surgery and I have to say that after 4 days, I still don't look very good with blood red and yellow eyeballs. It's kind of creepy actually! I feel very fortunate that things went as well as they did.

The good news, all orders have been shipped. The bad news, pattern #720 still is not ready. With all of the surgery stuff going on, I forgot to get the last project to my quilter Marilyn so it is not ready as of yet. Hopefully another week or so and I'll be shipping the rest of the orders for it.

This week, even though we're getting a late start, we'll have a drawing for the new 4 X 4's (all 4 of them).
Email me by this Saturday at midnight-
Put 4 x 4 in the title or subject line.
Include your name and full mailing address (to make shipping faster).

I'll draw two names on Sunday and post the names here on the Blog.
Possibly next week or the week after, we'll have a drawing for the new American Folk Art Series. I have to finish that last one first.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quilt Festival Time

We've been here in Houston all week and it's been a busy time. Last week was the wholesale show- Quilt Market. This week is the retail show- Quilt Festival. It's hard being away for almost 2 weeks but sure is fun! Here's a pic of the booth we set up for Festival- well, half of the booth anyway. We have a double booth for Festival and we demonstrate Steam-A-Seam II fusible web. I've used it for 15 years ever since my Quilt Market booth was next to Dawn (at Warm Co.) and discovered how great it was. Dawn and I have been friends ever since and I still love Steam-A-Seam. Here's the other side of the booth-

My sister Charlotte helps me each year with Festival. We get to visit during the show and enjoy it. There's also a lot of shopping going on when we can get away.

I was reminded today that I met Gail Bird (Igolochkoy Punch needles) about 15 years ago also when across from her Quilt Market booth and we get to visit each market also. Gail's here at the show demonstrating Russian Punch needle. (WE miss you Ellen!)

Tomorrow is a new day for Festival so I better turn in. Good night from Houston!