Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful Almost Spring Sunday

Well, maybe not Spring yet, but it is pretty nice today. The snow is almost gone and no snow in our future. That ground hog really knows his stuff, doesn't he?

I'm almost done with the two newest 4 X 4- one called "Flowers" and the other is called "With Love". Each of the patterns includes 4 designs X 4 projects. They are really fun to make and small little simple projects. These are pictures from "4 X 4 Flowers"-

I am down to photography now and then off to the printer with them. I love it when a new design gets to that point. These pictures are from "4 X 4 With Love"- I know, also flowers. What can I say, I'm in a flower mood I guess. I'll post the full pictures when they are finished. I have a few more designs to do eventually and not flowers either, in the 4 X 4 series but first I am working on another line of fabric.

I usually lock myself in my studio for a few days when I initially work on fabric but I haven't had the chance this time around. I've been trying to help out with my two grandsons lately as their momma has been so busy. They are so fun and I have really enjoyed all of the nana time together.
I'm feeling a fabric designing lock down coming this afternoon in the studio but I thought I'd make a challenge today first.

Do you know how many years I've been in business? hint- the answer is on the website somewhere!

If so, email me at before next Saturday at midnight. Put "Years" in the subject. Put the answer in the email with your name and mailing address. I will draw one name from the correct answers. The winner will receive a new tapestry craft bag (filled with lots of zippered compartments for storage). I purchased a few of these to use for drawings. They are so cool!

By the way, we have recently updated the entire website with new, clearer pictures. We also added a few more patterns. There's new craft patterns pictured also. Take a look when you get a chance!
Now, off to lock the door!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Up & At'em Early

I got up early this morning to finish working on pattern directions for the new 4 x 4's. Only problem is, I'm sleepy and can't see straight and it's hard to get into it. A few more cups of coffee with my yummy Cinnamon Vanilla creamer and I should be ready to go. I can tell you, I am consuming a entire container of Cinnamon Vanilla creamer each week now. Maybe it's the winter, maybe it's just the cold, maybe the addiction, but I sure can go through it these days. I don't make my coffee really strong so it takes a lot of it to wake me up I guess!

I just turned Karen Carpenter music on the I-pod. It's nice and mellow and I do find myself singing to it this morning. I haven't listened to it in years but you never really forget the words from 35 years ago, right?

I listed a few more things on Etsy recently and and lowered the prices on the quilts that are still on there. I still have one more little pile to list eventually but there's so much on there, it's hard to sort through it all. I wish I'd quit yawning! Maybe I should go back to bed and start over later! It's definitely an option.

Oh, wait a minute, I just noticed old I Love Lucy episodes running on the Hallmark Channel right now. Now that's worth staying up for! Out with Karen, in with Lucy. OK, I'm on a roll now.