Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a Week!

I had so much fun this week. My husband's cousin Judy was in town all week and we did a lot of visiting and eating out. We also enjoyed a few good meals here along with pancakes and fruit smoothies. I know, they weren't on my diet, but I just had to cheat a little this week. I'll start back on the diet tomorrow. She's a grandma now and she made her first baby quilt one day while she was here and it turned out really sweet. I think she started about 4 pm and finished it around midnight. She went home yesterday.

Meanwhile, I'm back to Quilt 101 and trying to finish projects. My problem is that I start so many things and then have so many to finish. Quilt Market is about 5 weeks away and I'm determined to get all of these done by then.

The drawing was very interesting this week. This was the week to enter!

Everyone who went to the website and actually counted pumpkin patterns, whether correct or not, will receive a special package from me this week.

On last week's posting, I mentioned that if you went to the website and counted the pumpkin patterns, I would enter you twice. Turns out, the winner was entered twice. It is Trish from Canada. I'm also sending Trish a special treat, along with the quilt, for going to the trouble to count them! Congratulations Trish!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It's a Mystery!

Ok, I know, sorry I made you wait so long this week for the winners.

I'm supposed to be working on quilts but I took a little detour this weekend. First, my sister and niece came to visit yesterday. I had to clean extra special (don't you know) and make sure everything looked just right. Sarah and Grace were also in town and my son, his wife and 2 boys were also here. By the time they all left, I had to clean again! Go figure!

My sister was in a bad car accident about 3 months ago. She was hit from behind at full speed while stopped to turn and broke her neck among other things. She has a halo bolted to her head and neck and she's been sleeping in a chair for 3 months. She finally gets it off next week and I know she'll be so happy. This was her first trip in quite some time. I was pretty excited to have her come.

I started a baby quilt for Patrick a year ago and never finished it (I know, ~ holding my head low~ what kind of grandma am I? I ask myself that same question all the time!) Anyway, I decided today was the day. After all, little Patrick is almost 1 year old and he can now drag the blanket around with him everywhere he goes. Just in the nick of time, I say- err, I mean, I planned it that way! I have a few knots to tie and I'll be done with it. Nathan and Grace have one like it in different colors. No batting inside, just chenille, Minkie and fabric. It's so cuddly and soft.

I also started a toaster cover, coffee pot cover, mixer cover and table runner for my kitchen. They aren't near done but they're cut out and ready to sew. Maybe tomorrow. Seems like when you have company, it reminds you of all of the things you once started and never finished! Well, pillow covers are next. Remember when I bought the fabric for them? It's been a while so it's time to start them also before anyone else comes to visit.

I know I just decorated when I moved in 8 months ago but I'm already changing wall color. That will come next week. I'm on a roll to fit it all in between the quilting. I actually got up at 3:30 am this morning, sewed until 10am, got ready & went to church and back to sew after lunch. I think tonight I'll tie the baby quilt, photograph it for the Blog and take it easy. It's been a long day. I did have creamer today, in case you're keeping track. I can go days without sleep- if I have my beloved Cinnamon Vanilla creamer. It's a sickness, I know.

I have winners for the Mystery Drawing this week. They are

Cross Stitch: Jan from FL

Quilt: Ruth from FL (also)

Craft: Monica from AR

They each win 5 pumpkin patterns or charts in their category including my newest ones. Congratulations ladies!

Next week- the prize is a quilt. A Pumpkin Quilt, or a big ole pumpkin rag quilt to be specific. To enter:

Email me at with OLE RAG in the subject line.

If you add the number of pumpkin patterns & charts that I offer (on , I'll enter you twice. Someone will win this quilt next Sunday, will it be you?

Put your name and address in the body of the email.

Entries without both are not considered.

I do not keep the addresses nor do I send unwanted emails of any kind. I don't sell the names. I just want them so I can send the prize out to the winner a lot faster. That's all. I promise!

Have a great evening!