Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ground Hog's Day!

It seemed like January would never go away.  We had so many icy days and very few snow days so far this winter.  Fortunately we didn't lose power and I didn't have to drive anywhere. Church is cancelled again today and this is the third time this year due to bad, icy weather.

Spring is just around the corner though. I can feel it. I am getting seed catalogs in the mail already and have my list made out.  I've purchased quite a few vegetable and flower seeds locally so far but the special seeds come from the  catalogs.

I have figured out what to plant where so the deer don't mow anything down again and I'm so ready to get started.  Last year the deer came through one night and completely took the tops off every beet in the garden.  It looked like we took a trimmer to the whole row.

We have our Miracle grow soil and flats and I'm thinking we will use probably 10-12 flats this year.  Last year's 8 flats just weren't quite enough.  I saved some  flower seeds from last years crop and I'm going to try to sprout them also.  They were Heirloom seeds but I know there's no guarantee they will actually sprout.  I'll have plenty of time to reseed if needed since I am starting early.

Last fall I brought in some of my herb plants and they have done great in the living room this winter.  I have had fresh basil, mint and parsley all winter and they just smell so good in the house! I had a chocolate mint plant and I wished I would have brought it in as it smelled really good too.  Maybe next year.

I have been adding instant download patterns to Craftsy just about every week and there's over 50 patterns available on there now.  Check it out if you haven't already...

I'm still cleaning through boxes and tubs and listing things on Etsy and eBay when I can.  I have a huge box for Good Will also.  I am determined to remove the clutter in my workspace and my home.  So far, so good.  As they say, 

"you spend your first 40 years collecting things 
and your last 40 years getting rid of it all"