Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's HOT!

Well, Mother's day, then Father's Day have both come and gone.  4th of July will be here in a couple weeks.  Next thing you know it will be fall.  Life just goes too fast for me!

I have spent the last month sanding, painting, papering, cleaning, sorting, tossing, also digging, planting, cultivating, pruning, staking, well, you get the idea.  I'm pretty much done with the hard stuff.  One of the coolest things I did was the simplest in a way.  I changed the handles on my kitchen cabinets.  I had gold ones and now they are bronze.  Beautiful.  Amazing how it changed the look.  It was no small feat actually as I had to remove the doors, and spray paint the hinges to match because they showed and they were gold.  Then I cleaned the cabinets with orange oil and while the doors were off I cleaned out the cabinets.  It actually took a few days to get it all done but it looks great!

One of the things I found in cleaning is my old Kenmore receiver.  It was packed away in a box for years.  I purchased it in 1977 for about $300 and it still works today. It was a really good one and I made payments for a long time to pay it off. I'm glad I've kept it all these years.  I always liked how cool it looks in the dark- with all those red, blue and green lights.

All I have to do now until canning season is maintain and relax.  It was worth the effort.  I haven't taken pictures recently but I will in the next few days and add them.  I have a lot of herbs in pots this year and even though we keep getting rained on, everything is doing fine.  We got about 11" of rain in June at my house.  Last year drought, this year excess.  You just never know!

One of my new plants I purchased is a citronella plant.  I've never seen one before this year so I had to buy it.  It smells like lemon and looks really pretty.  I got some chocolate mint also and you guessed it- it smells like chocolate. The pineapple sage smells like pineapple.  I'm loving this deck!  I made little plant sticks so I could remember which plant is which.  Besides those, I also have peppermint, sage, lemon thyme, oregano, chives, cilantro, lemon balm, parsley, basil and lemon grass.

I was able to finish the latest line of fabric during the month so it should be showing next year.  I am ready to finish a few new decorating projects for my living room, you know, table runners and pillows,  in my leisure time.  I have also been drawing up new ideas for future patterns.  I have new deck furniture and plan to spend a lot of time out there as I have a boat load of books on my kindle that need my attention.

Awe, summer, don't you love it?

OK, now back to winter.... here's a picture I grabbed of the new Snowfolk fabric panel I designed for Benartex.  The entire fabric line is found by clicking here:  Snowfolk