Sunday, October 31, 2010

Quilt Market

Well, we made it down to Houston with the new patterns and finally got them on the website. There is 2 new series- one is American Folk Art, six patterns of projects that can also make a quilt. There's also a series called 4 X 4's, four new patterns- 4 designs X 4 projects in each pattern. There are more 4 X 4's to come each month for a while. They are simple and quick projects with quick fuse applique. Check them out when you get a chance at I'll have a drawing on the new ones when I return. I've seen a lot of old friends, gotten a lot of hugs and seen some new things that I can't live without. Does life get any better? I think not! Have a great week!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crunch Time

I have about 2 weeks to go before I leave for Houston Quilt Market. I am working pretty much day and night to finish everything that I'd like to take with me but I can see that I may not get it all done. Procrastination. It's a word that I seem to know very well these days. Maybe it's my old age, but I just can't seem to get things done as fast as I used to. Go figure! I can go without sleep and end up with extra hours in each day but it's the organizational skills that seem to fade as the years go by. It seems like it takes me longer to get started on projects than it used to.

I do play a lot more than I use to also. I already have three grandchildren and I just got two more last weekend. They now range from an energetic one year old to an eleven year old bookworm who loves arts and crafts. I guess we can see where that is headed! I'm sure there will be a lot of crafting going on around here in the future. I also stocked up on vintage earrings for a "strap fest" with the girls in the future. They both love the shoes also so I got them each a pair. We'll post pictures when that happens.

This weekend I hope to have pictures of a few new patterns to show. I better go get back to work!