Monday, October 31, 2011

More Quilt Market Pictures!

Today was the last day for the International Quilt Market. I spent most of the day walking the aisles and getting inspired by the beautiful quilts hanging in the show. I ran into Gail from Shannon Fabrics. They make a wonderful fuzzy fabric for baby quilts and rugs. You can see the projects in the picture- the monkey was designed by Gail. She used to work at Benartex which is why I went with them on fabric design. I think I've known (and loved her) since my very first market. It's so fun to see old friends and catch up, even just twice a year.

I ran into Sharon Crescent working in Patti Connor's booth- you know her by SamSarah Design Studio. We visited for the better part of an hour. Patti is doing quilt designs now along with her cross stitch charts and she will be coming to the quilt markets in the future.

Sharon was just there to hang out but I know she was inspired by all the beauty around her! Who wouldn't be? Sharon has new trims that are hand-dyed along with her floss. She's working on her website so it's not all on there yet. She also has beautiful frames.

I got to sit and visit with Ricky Timms for a while. He used to live in St. Louis where I came from. He knows the son of one of my childhood/ church friends and we had a great visit. I didn't take a picture of him- I was too embarrassed to ask! What a nice guy though.

It was a great time had by all, in fact, I don't remember having a better time at Quilt Market! The only thing that would of made it better was if my BF Barb was there. Barb is suffering right now, sort of- the New England snow storm cut her power and dropped her trees like tinker toys- especially her apple tree in front of her kitchen window. ~~sigh~~ She's really, really sad about that one. Fortunately she has a generator and not totally in the dark or cold. Hugs to you Barb and Dave, Harley and Annie!

I head home tomorrow then back to work. I guess it's time to finish all of the new patterns and start on the next batch.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday in Houston

Well, I've been away all week and I hadn't had a chance to get online until now. Quilt Market is always wonderful- it's great seeing old friends. I've been going since Fall of 1993 and you meet new people each year. Some years we are next to old friends and some years we make new neighbor/friends at the show. I didn't have a booth this year and it's a first for me since 1993. I did have a lot of fun so far walking the show and playing! I was able to capture a few pictures to share with you.

My new line of fabric is called Wintersong, by Benartex, Inc. Here is the panel that goes with the line. It is available after the first of the year at quilt shops near you. I had my trusty camera in my bag!

This is Cindy from Cotton Ginny's. Cindy was across from me at my first Quilt Market (1993) and we became fast friends. Cindy has a wonderful line of children's apron patterns and her booth always looks fresh and fun! You can see more of her at
Barb from Vanilla House was there to help her and hang out. It's always important to have help so you can run around when you need to. Barbs website is

Next we saw Sue at Whistlepig Creek. She always has the greatest kids patterns, bags and fun stuff! She has the cutest critters! She designs fabric for RJR so when you get a chance, you should check out her site.

Last but not least is Tammy from Happy Hollow Designs. Tammy has been in the business quite a few years longer than I have and we go way back also. I pretty much knew her when I started or the following year thanks to another friend-Norma of Freckles. We all shared a room at Paducah for a few years in a row. If you've even gone there, you know the rooms are very hard to come by and sharing is the only way to stay close.

She has lots of cute designs and always shows her kits and patterns in the cutest of ways. This time she had Chinese carry-out boxes and milk cartons. Once upon a show many moons ago, I made pumpkins to decorate my booth. Tammy convinced me to make them into a pattern and I did- the Pumpkin Patch, #163. Went on to be a huge seller for me.... and Tammy bought all of my models after that show to decorate her house for Halloween that year! I think she still has them!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Quilt Market Here I Come!

I leave in the morning for Houston and I'm trying to get things finished up here before I go. I'm not near done with anything but I've got quilt tops to take. I'll be at the fabric booth most of the time but I do plan to run around and play a bit also. Looking forward to meeting my sister there and walking the show with her.

I'll try to post pictures of the show while I'm there as I'll have my Netbook with me. I've been pretty bad about taking pictures lately but I am bringing my camera and plan to use it. My new Wintersong fabric line will debut this week so I can finally post the panel and all of the fabrics.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fabric Winner Announced

The winner of the brand new fabric sampler collection is Velda from MO. Congratulations Velda! There's a lot of jealous women out there right now. We had a lot of entries on this one! We'll do it again soon with more of the fabric.

I leave for Houston soon and the fabric will debut there. I'll try to remember to take my camera and post while I'm there. For now, I'm still working on quilts. Applique anyway. Directions will follow. If you're in Houston for Quilt Marlet, stop by the Benartex booth and say hello!
We got tickets for the King Tut exhibit at the Science Center while I'm down there. I'm really excited about that.

Update on my only B grade: I emailed the professor on the last test because I knew something wasn't right. After him checking a few things, it was decided that the answers were all correct and the grade was adjusted. I now have perfect A's- 4.0 again. What a relief! I know I'll probably get a B again somewhere down the road, but I just couldn't let that last one go without a fight! One more paper to finish before I leave for Houston, and one more year of class to go!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Isn't It Monday Still?

OK, so another weekend slipped by again! And I lost a Monday. Must be my old age but man, this time flies by too fast. My son was in the hospital all weekend and my mind was elsewhere as you can imagine. I didn't forget about the drawing though. Read on.

I am working on pattern directions tonight. I do my best work late at night when everyone is asleep and the distractions are at a minimum, including the puppy. I made a quilt (a new pattern) for Benartex, Inc. to use with the new line of fabric and need to ship it to them tomorrow. Tonight I proof read! I am thrilled to be close to being done with these new patterns.

Toto is doing great at playing ball. She sits, and speaks. She's 4 months old now. She still potties in the house wherever she wants but she's cute! It seems like she won't ever be totally potty trained. It's a struggle.

For the drawing, I'm going to offer a small sampling of my new fabric line. It won't be available for sale until January so the winner will certainly be the first to have it.

To enter, email me by Saturday midnight 10/15, at
Put Fabric in the subject line.
Put your name and mailing address in the body of the email.

I'll choose one winner next Sunday and post the winner here.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Beautiful Autumn Weekend!

Wow, the weather has been so wonderful and actually pretty hot for Fall. We've had 80's all week and I have to admit, I'm ready for those 70's coming next week. My Fall allergies are kicking in and I find myself sneezing day after day but there's still just no season like Fall. My anniversary is coming up this month - 33 years- and I was just thinking the other day that both of my married children got married in October also. I guess it's just a great month all the way around.

The trees in Missouri are turning beautiful colors and the breeze is scattering them around.
I guess we best enjoy it because it will be snowing before we know it and I'm not ready for that!

My youngest grandson Patrick turned 2 today. We're celebrating with a birthday party tomorrow. Sarah found out what gender her baby is yesterday but she won't tell anyone until her big Fall Bar-B-Q and hayride next week. Not fair. You'd think she'd tell her mom! 4 yr old Grace knows already and she may spill the beans tomorrow at the birthday party. I don't think you can tell a 4 yr old a secret and expect it to be kept. It will be a fun time, I'm sure!

I hope to finish the quilts this weekend. I know I need to stay home to do that. Seems I've been out playing all week. I will post pictures soon and offer a drawing this weekend.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Midweek Mayhem!

Been home all week with the stomach flu. Seems like I've gotten sick more this year than ever before in my life! Must be an age thing or I really need to start wiping off the grocery cart from now on! Ever feel that way?

I'm getting a flu shot next week, just in case!

Still on puppy potty patrol. Man, this little stinker is almost 4 months old and she still does not go potty outside all of the time. She can be out there playing for 2 hours and come in and immediately go potty on the carpet. ~~sigh~~ It's like the outdoors is her playground, and the carpet is her toilet! I am determined to get her potty trained by first snowfall but I may lose my mind doing so! She is confined to the kitchen from now on until we get a grip on this. Any suggestions?

I know I've mentioned before that I am a college student again. I have about 1 year left for my Bachelor's Degree, going to evening classes to a local University. Until now I have had a perfect 4.0, an A in every class. This week I got my first B. I was devastated. I admit I still can't believe it. We had a final test with only 3 questions. Three. I missed one of them (wouldn't you know). That's all it took to end my perfect grades. I guess there's a bright side, I don't have to work so hard anymore in the rest of my classes. It's still sad though. Sad that one wrong answer changed my grade and ended my perfect gpa.

Quilts are coming along slowly due to being sick but I will start taking pictures very soon and posting. I think next week is a good time for a drawing of some kind. Maybe some of the new fabric?? Hmmm, stay tuned!