Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday in Houston

Well, I've been away all week and I hadn't had a chance to get online until now. Quilt Market is always wonderful- it's great seeing old friends. I've been going since Fall of 1993 and you meet new people each year. Some years we are next to old friends and some years we make new neighbor/friends at the show. I didn't have a booth this year and it's a first for me since 1993. I did have a lot of fun so far walking the show and playing! I was able to capture a few pictures to share with you.

My new line of fabric is called Wintersong, by Benartex, Inc. Here is the panel that goes with the line. It is available after the first of the year at quilt shops near you. I had my trusty camera in my bag!

This is Cindy from Cotton Ginny's. Cindy was across from me at my first Quilt Market (1993) and we became fast friends. Cindy has a wonderful line of children's apron patterns and her booth always looks fresh and fun! You can see more of her at
Barb from Vanilla House was there to help her and hang out. It's always important to have help so you can run around when you need to. Barbs website is

Next we saw Sue at Whistlepig Creek. She always has the greatest kids patterns, bags and fun stuff! She has the cutest critters! She designs fabric for RJR so when you get a chance, you should check out her site.

Last but not least is Tammy from Happy Hollow Designs. Tammy has been in the business quite a few years longer than I have and we go way back also. I pretty much knew her when I started or the following year thanks to another friend-Norma of Freckles. We all shared a room at Paducah for a few years in a row. If you've even gone there, you know the rooms are very hard to come by and sharing is the only way to stay close.

She has lots of cute designs and always shows her kits and patterns in the cutest of ways. This time she had Chinese carry-out boxes and milk cartons. Once upon a show many moons ago, I made pumpkins to decorate my booth. Tammy convinced me to make them into a pattern and I did- the Pumpkin Patch, #163. Went on to be a huge seller for me.... and Tammy bought all of my models after that show to decorate her house for Halloween that year! I think she still has them!

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