Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Beautiful Autumn Weekend!

Wow, the weather has been so wonderful and actually pretty hot for Fall. We've had 80's all week and I have to admit, I'm ready for those 70's coming next week. My Fall allergies are kicking in and I find myself sneezing day after day but there's still just no season like Fall. My anniversary is coming up this month - 33 years- and I was just thinking the other day that both of my married children got married in October also. I guess it's just a great month all the way around.

The trees in Missouri are turning beautiful colors and the breeze is scattering them around.
I guess we best enjoy it because it will be snowing before we know it and I'm not ready for that!

My youngest grandson Patrick turned 2 today. We're celebrating with a birthday party tomorrow. Sarah found out what gender her baby is yesterday but she won't tell anyone until her big Fall Bar-B-Q and hayride next week. Not fair. You'd think she'd tell her mom! 4 yr old Grace knows already and she may spill the beans tomorrow at the birthday party. I don't think you can tell a 4 yr old a secret and expect it to be kept. It will be a fun time, I'm sure!

I hope to finish the quilts this weekend. I know I need to stay home to do that. Seems I've been out playing all week. I will post pictures soon and offer a drawing this weekend.

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