Monday, October 31, 2011

More Quilt Market Pictures!

Today was the last day for the International Quilt Market. I spent most of the day walking the aisles and getting inspired by the beautiful quilts hanging in the show. I ran into Gail from Shannon Fabrics. They make a wonderful fuzzy fabric for baby quilts and rugs. You can see the projects in the picture- the monkey was designed by Gail. She used to work at Benartex which is why I went with them on fabric design. I think I've known (and loved her) since my very first market. It's so fun to see old friends and catch up, even just twice a year.

I ran into Sharon Crescent working in Patti Connor's booth- you know her by SamSarah Design Studio. We visited for the better part of an hour. Patti is doing quilt designs now along with her cross stitch charts and she will be coming to the quilt markets in the future.

Sharon was just there to hang out but I know she was inspired by all the beauty around her! Who wouldn't be? Sharon has new trims that are hand-dyed along with her floss. She's working on her website so it's not all on there yet. She also has beautiful frames.

I got to sit and visit with Ricky Timms for a while. He used to live in St. Louis where I came from. He knows the son of one of my childhood/ church friends and we had a great visit. I didn't take a picture of him- I was too embarrassed to ask! What a nice guy though.

It was a great time had by all, in fact, I don't remember having a better time at Quilt Market! The only thing that would of made it better was if my BF Barb was there. Barb is suffering right now, sort of- the New England snow storm cut her power and dropped her trees like tinker toys- especially her apple tree in front of her kitchen window. ~~sigh~~ She's really, really sad about that one. Fortunately she has a generator and not totally in the dark or cold. Hugs to you Barb and Dave, Harley and Annie!

I head home tomorrow then back to work. I guess it's time to finish all of the new patterns and start on the next batch.

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  1. The Quilt Show looks like a lot of fun. So sorry to hear about Barb. I hope her snow melts soon and that power is restored. I have missed both of you. A lot!! Velda reminded me check in here. She is very happy with her win.