Monday, July 22, 2019

Too Busy To Be Summer

Summers should be for vacations and swimming and sitting 
on the porch stitching wool cardinals!  But more about that below-

I love working in the garden and pruning the flowers.  Unfortunately, spring ended this year with an abundance of rain so our garden was late to plant.  Also some weird looking worms got our entire first patch of sweet corn.  We never saw that coming and we have been growing corn for 40 years.
This was the first year we had no sweet corn put up in the freezer. 
We are sweet corn deprived.
Last year the coons got the corn in the blink of an eye.  It was gone before we knew it was even close to ready.  We used to have a farm Beagle and she kept the coons out of the corn each year. They were never a problem, ever.  She even loved corn on the cob herself but she never bothered enough of it to be a problem.  Unfortunately, she passed away of old age a few years ago.  
Now we have no beagle and no corn.  
Not even in the freezer. 
To make matters worse, the neighbors horses got out the other day and wiped out our entire second planting of sweet corn. The corn was up only about 6" but the rows were freshly cultivated and the horses thought it looked like a great spot to roll in the dust. They literally wiped out everything in the patch.  It would be pretty funny if our freezer wasn't so empty.
It's going to be a desperate corn situation around here very soon.

Also, we only have 4 asparagus plants left.  We are not sure if the horses ate them the other day or stepped on them but they have all disappeared.  
The tomatoes and pepper plants are doing OK so far but everything is much later than normal.

This summer has been such an exception to the normal summer around here!  

Bad garden!
Bad horses!
Too busy to enjoy anything!

On a bright note-
It has been a crazy year working on new designs and fabric lines.  
I am also updating all of our older patterns with color. 

Here is one I worked on last week- Cardinal Wool Embroidery.  It's no secret that I love cardinals.  I am a Missouri girl, born and raised even though I did live in Iowa for four years. 
Missouri is home to the Cardinals.  This was the original table runner I did for this the Cardinal Wool Embroidery pattern in 2005.

Recently while playing with the designs I did a few more wool runners and quilts.
This runner has flat sides and a strip of red wool used as sort of a sashing effect.  I think it's stunning with the red strip on there so I did a few more.  The next one is a longer version of the same runner. All of the birds are facing forward so it would work well on a buffet or side table.  It would make a great wall hanging too. 
The cardinals are so vibrant made with Weeks dye works hand-dyed wools. 

Here's another thought- a cardinal quilt.  
You can make individual blocks and hand-stitch them together.  
The one on the left below has a single red wool border with
Weeks wool Candy Apple 2268 HT - the same wool that was used on all of the wings.
It's brighter so it really stands out. 

The one on the right has all black wool border with a strip 
of the same red wool stitched on as a sashing.
I love the look of the black hand-dyed wool backgrounds.  
This one is Weeks Dye Works wool in Kohl 3900 

You can get the pattern here-

Downloads will be available very soon.

Which idea is your favorite?

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Harvest Berry Time

We have barely planted our garden this year due to all of the rain. Though we have no flooding as many in the mid-west do, we do have very wet conditions and very cloudy days when it is not raining.  That's not exactly perfect conditions for planting anything.
I hope to finish getting the garden planted next week if the weather ever cooperates.

Are there pumpkins in your garden yet?
It's the time of year to start thinking about fall decorating and sewing.
We have four new patterns using the new Harvest Berry fabric line.

All of them are simple piecing and Quick Fuse applique.  
More information on each of them here-   Autumn Quilts
There is a free pattern on the Benartex site called Harvest Berries offered HERE


Monday, May 6, 2019

Autumn is in the Air

Even though it's early May, Autumn has been in the air around here for some time!  
This week Benartex has their Autumn in the Air Blog Hop.

They offer a free pattern and a chance to win some fabric.

We just finished the new quilts using the Harvest Berry fabric line. 

This one is my favorite- #424 Awesome Autumn.
It measures 26" x 34".

We have three other new patterns available using the Harvest Berry fabric line. 
They are all available at your local Quilt Shop. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Always in the Mood For Fall

The new Harvest Berry fabrics are currently shipping to Quilt Stores. The panel turned out beautifully and all four center parts would make great pillows.
Here are the panel and coordination fabrics-

I finally got all of the quilts finished for the new Harvest Berry fabric line. To see each pattern you can visit the Prairie Grove Peddler website.

Here they are waving in the wind-

The quilt on the far left is a free pattern titled "Harvest Berries" offered on the Benartex website here.

It uses a charm pack and has a little applique across the bottom.  

Happy quilting!