Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Snow is Melting

We have a great weekend coming up since the snow is melting.  It's sloppy out there, mind you, but the snow piles are going down fast.   My garage is a mess and I can't wait for warmer weather to scoop out the muck- you know, the salt and cinders that drop to the floor from the wheel wells  every time you have to drive in sloppy weather.

The dog needs a bath but I'm afraid to go to the groomer- the last time I tried I fell down the garage steps and I have bad memories.  I still feel the pain when the weather is cold.  She can wait a little longer.  One of my more senior moments I guess.

I finally got the deck cleaned off so we just need some sunshine now.  I can actually get to the bird feeders without putting on my boots for a change.  We did not lose power, heat or TV so life is good!

I spent this week updating stuff.  Etsy, Craftsy and the website.  I listed some patterns on Etsy with free buttons included.  I'm trying to cut back on the amount of supplies we keep so I will be doing away with the buttons as soon as they are gone.  If you need any for specific patterns, email me at

I do have 8 new applique pressing sheets in packages left from retail shows.  I would love to get rid of them all but shipping them would be a pain since they each have to go in a box. If anyone wants all eight, for the wholesale price with free shipping, let me know.