Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a Week!

I had so much fun this week. My husband's cousin Judy was in town all week and we did a lot of visiting and eating out. We also enjoyed a few good meals here along with pancakes and fruit smoothies. I know, they weren't on my diet, but I just had to cheat a little this week. I'll start back on the diet tomorrow. She's a grandma now and she made her first baby quilt one day while she was here and it turned out really sweet. I think she started about 4 pm and finished it around midnight. She went home yesterday.

Meanwhile, I'm back to Quilt 101 and trying to finish projects. My problem is that I start so many things and then have so many to finish. Quilt Market is about 5 weeks away and I'm determined to get all of these done by then.

The drawing was very interesting this week. This was the week to enter!

Everyone who went to the website and actually counted pumpkin patterns, whether correct or not, will receive a special package from me this week.

On last week's posting, I mentioned that if you went to the website and counted the pumpkin patterns, I would enter you twice. Turns out, the winner was entered twice. It is Trish from Canada. I'm also sending Trish a special treat, along with the quilt, for going to the trouble to count them! Congratulations Trish!

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