Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Post!

I am on Pinterest and having a good time looking around. I've found quite a few craft ideas and food! Lots of Easter decorating ideas too and it will be here before we know it. If you are on Pinterest, let me know so I can follow you. If you want to follow me, click the red Pinterest button to the right and then click follow. If you are not on Pinterest, you can ask at the top for an invite. It's really fun and there's lots to see and read about. You can RE-PIN pages that you want to share or keep for future reference, or LIKE them. There's .lots of recipes, decorating ideas, kids stuff like crafts and cooking, even cute doggie and baby pictures to see. There's a good DIY section.

I have been so preoccupied by my Business Law class- may goodness, all of the case briefs!
~~ sigh~~ My last class is next week with the final presentation and paper due.
Then, I have just five classes to go to graduate! Who-hoo. Someone asked me recently what I'll do with the degree and I have no clue at this point. My mom will be so proud though and that's why I'm really doing it. I am because I can!

I have spoken to the fabric company about the newest line (#4) and they are sending me fabrics in a month. I will have three lines of fabric showing at the next quilt market. Unbelievable!
You already saw the Wintersong and Rustling leaves line but #3 is the best of all. I will get both of those scanned and listed on my website this week so you can see all of the yummy fabrics. They are all available for order now and I'm sure they will ship to the quilt stores very soon.

I got to see Lily the other day and that child- has already gained a pound in her young 2 weeks. She's an emotional eater I guess! She is so healthy! Here's a picture of her next to a picture of Sarah-talk about looking alike? Wow, what a resemblance! They are both about 2 weeks here. It's like looking at the same baby. Grace informed me she doesn't want to play with the Barbie house now, she's afraid she will mess it up! She wants to just look at it.
Too funny!

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