Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Doll House

Here's the finished doll house for five year old Grace. My husband built it and I got to finish it out. I used the Three Sisters line of fabric from Moda to cover everything. I glued it to the walls and used chenille for the carpets.

The bedrooms turned out really nice, they have wood beds, ceiling fans and lace curtains. I made a lot of potted plants to scatter around. We hung the pictures over the beds so Grace could change them out when she wants something new there. The tiny little pictures in the gold frames are hot glued on the walls. I hot glued everything I thought Lily might get hurt on, you know, all of the teeny tiny stuff.

I made ceiling fans from large Popsicle sticks, tulip beds and gold wire. I had some old miniatures leftover from my crafting days and I found a place for them. The kitchen holds little pans, apothecary jars and gold key charms that I nailed to a wood strip and hung on the wall. I actually bought miniature cabinet knobs but by the time they arrived we had already installed the cabinets. I tried to purchase some gingerbread trim for the roof but Hobby Lobby was out. If it gets restocked soon, we'll add that later. My goal was to get the house finished before Lily comes into the world. There's a nursery on the top floor and a porch with a swing on the side on the bedroom.

I added a garage on the bottom floor for her barbie car- one that Sarah had a a child. I put a tool chest in there too. Everyone always complains how I never want to get rid of stuff but I made Sarah keep all of her Barbies and I think Grace is happy I did. I also had a lot of little junk to use on this doll house!

The ceiling fan in the living room is bigger than the others and I found a 5" mirror to hang on the wall. I was able to make lamp shades using cardboard with fabric glued to it. The front door is actually wood and the toe kick is gold cardboard . Notice the mouse?

I can't believe it's finally done-

Her little sister Lily is due this week and I am way overdue for her birthday gift. BTW, She got to see Miss Missouri last week (left) and got to wear her crown and sash. How cool, huh? Grace thought Miss Missouri was a real princess when she came in the ice cream parlor with the crown and all.

We made Sarah a doll house when she was five years old (right) and my husband and I got busy about a month ago to make this one for Grace.

I have to say this one is MUCH better! We are more experienced I guess!


  1. Gorgeou!

    Grace is going to love it! She looks like a little princess herself wearing the crown and sash.

  2. That is just adorable. What a great job you and your husband did on this. Grace is a very lucky girl!

  3. The dollhouse is just beautiful. I have a dollhouse my Grandfather made me when I was is a big house..made of wood..but sadly, I gave it to my daughter when she was too young to appreciate it. She colored all over the inside of it with markers :( is old and needs to be refurbished. I hope to do that someday. My husband thinks we should get rid of it..I said 'Never'!! I know it has a future :)
    Thank you for sharing! Your daughter looks so pretty with the crown and sash!

  4. It's sooooooooo cute!
    She'll love it, I'm sure.
    Congrats on her being "Miss Missouri".

  5. Do you have any larger pictures to see detail? Just curious making my own like to look at new ideas! It looks great!