Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Update

It's coffee time! Yummm. As you can tell, I am up early. I decided to do some changes on the Blog- color, content positioning, I even added a search feature. What do you think?

I mowed the yard yesterday since my son wouldn't due to the Cicada dive bombers. I didn't actually mow ALL of the yard as we have 2 acres around the house but I did mow a LOT. I was aggressively attacked by the intruders in the yard at every turn. They are coming in clouds these days and every tree in the yard was covered. There are Cicada "shells" on the ground by the hundreds, you know, those little empty bodies they leave behind that little boys love to play with. We certainly have a bumper crop!

Found this little song about cicadas on YouTube

I am thrilled for Friday! Not only do I get to babysit the "boys" today but I have a lot of reading to do this weekend that I am so looking forward to! It's hot out, a good time for reading, maybe a movie! I might tinker with my new quilts but sometimes we (OK, I really mean ME) just need to step away.

I might go looking for a watermelon or some fun fruit for the weekend. I'm thinking summer now. I wonder what else I can whip up for the weekend? I need ideas....

What is your favorite thing to fix in the summer?


  1. Oh, LOVE watermelon.
    Corn-on-the-cob is always a favorite, along with cool pasta salads.
    Hope you survive the Cicadas.
    The new search feature is nice.

  2. I looove the new color, and the search feature rocks!
    You have been a busy gal, Cheryl, high five and well done. I love watermelon and could easily eat one alone, but shhh don't tell, LOL. I love summer salads of all kinds and ingredients.
    Enjoy the boys and the summer fun. I love the cicadas, it just wouldn't be summer without them.
    Ma TK

  3. I love love love the color - color of mamy summer flowers! The search feature is great. My favorite thing to fix in the summer is potato salad and baked beans to go with a good grilled steak or hamburger. We just picked up a (homegrown) 1/2 beef today... yum. I have little peppers and tomatoes on my plants!