Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of the dads out there. My dad passed away in 1977 but I still miss him sorely. He loved kids and I know he would so enjoy his five grand kids and great three grand kids. I'm the one in the middle of the picture with the skinned knees (1961). Notice the matching purple dresses.

We had another night of storms in the Midwest. We've had SOOO much rain- another 2" overnight alone. I wish we could shift it south to AZ, CO, OK, and TX where there are fires because of drought. This weather's a mess. I do think the excess rain has changed the Cicada noise situation though- they are all dead in heaps all over the ground now. I'm not sure if it was their time to go, they drowned, or just committed suicide due to excess rains, but they are much quieter these days.

I spent last night fine tuning a few quilts and today, after church and Father's Day festivities, I'm planning to piddle with quick fuse. Is piddle a word? LOL. I'm anxious to get the quilt tops done and see how they look. We're going fishing one of these days and I want to get set up to take some hand work with me for the down time. I still don't have any of my new fabric lines to use so I'll make these first quilts from stash.

I do know now that they are showing my two lines(#2 Fall and #3 Holiday) this Fall at the Intl. Quilt Market in Houston, so I should be able to post pictures by late summer/ Sept hopefully. Pretty exciting even though it seems to have taken forever from start to finish. The first line took about 2-1/2 years from start to sale. These two are taking 1-1/2 years. Shorter but still seems forever.

Winner? Do we have a winner? I had a lot of entries but can only pick one. The prize is a $50 gift certificate for patterns on my website. The winner is Colleen from New York. Congratulations Colleen. I'll do another drawing for a gift certificate soon.

I had a few comments on my daughter's jewelry- here's the latest that she added and here's link to her Etsy store. She is still donating 1/3 of every sale to the Joplin tornado cleanup through Operation Blessing. Her jewelry is beautiful.

Have a great day.

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