Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blooms Galore!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with family. I didn't do much but work on quilts. I did take a tour around the yard, my clematis is starting to bloom. I get hundreds of blooms on it and it seems like it should pull down the lightpost that it grows around but it doesn't. They are so pretty!

I have these other hot pink flowers, perennials, and I think they are called Dianthus. Wow, they came back really well this year, even larger than last year. I'd like to get some more of them!

Well, I've spent the better part of a week drawing out little applique pieces on freezer paper and now I'm cutting the little things out. I have a gazillion quilts in the makings and can't seem to stop and work on one at a time. I know, that WOULD be a better system! I have fall market on my mind and my two new lines of fabric coming out. Now they say they'll release them at market this fall for January delivery. SOOO, I have a little more time for the quilts using that fabric. The last time I designed fabric it was delayed a whole year also. It seems to be routine.

Hope to get stitching on some applique soon. I may do the first quilts as quick fuse. It's just so fast! Hard not to like that!

Meanwhile, I have other quilt designs to finish for market. I normally do festival (the retail show following market), in fact I've done it for 19 years in Houston. I'm usually gone for 2 full weeks. Not that it isn't fun, I love to go to Houston, it's like my second home. My sister lives there and I get the spa treatment when I go. Houston offers the best restaurants, great museums and wonderful pedicures!

This year, I'm thinking about not staying for the second week. I guess I'm getting older and it's getting harder to do the retail show. I hate being gone for 2 weeks as I'm such a home body. It's getting harder to haul things in and out- I have bursitis in both shoulders from years of pulling dollies filled with heavy boxes through show floors for set up and tear down. I have the contract now and I have to decide if I'm going or not. Decisions, decisions!


  1. Your flowers are pretty Cheryl.
    I have Dianthus also, and you don't really have to bother with them.
    I hope you can decide on your Houston trip soon.
    I guess it depends on the weather also, if it's raining, I wouldn't want to stay 2 weeks either! lol

  2. Beautiful blooms!!

    I look forward to seeing your new designs when they're released.

    Have you ever been to Houston during the International Quilt Festival? I live about an hour south of Houston and have gone to the quilt show a few times. All the eye candy is overwhelming.