Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Today is St. Patrick's Day and this year Easter is only 2 weeks away. There's not a lot of decoration time in there so I guess I better get on the stick. I found these sweet little decorations and Grace just loves playing with them. She is so fascinated with all of the little trinkets that I have sitting around.

My mother had a beautiful Lefton hobnail vase for years and about 7 years ago, she was going to sell it for a dollar at her garage sale. I just happened to be there helping her and grabbed it. I couldn't believe she'd sell that "family heirloom" for a dollar. Needless to say, that vase started an obsession for me (and a chance to practice hoarding).

Like any good Ebayer, I searched it and found more items that were similar. I bought the Lefton books which showed even more items to match and I started making a list. It got to be a challenge to find just the right pieces. I searched Ebay and found a lot of pieces and scoured every antique shop I saw.

Over the years, I purchased dozens of Lefton vases, candle holders, powder sets, bowls, boxes and angels. Here's a picture of some of my collection. If it's in a glass case, it's considered a collection, right? Or am I still a hoarder?

Grace likes to look at all of the pieces through the glass. I have sold off a lot of pieces over the last couple of years just trying to condense the collection to what I really, truly like. I can' t seem to part with any of the others. I'll let my kids deal with it all someday! :)

After all, that's what our parents do, right?


  1. Funny post! Collecting vs. hoarding and letting kids deal with it!! LOVE IT!

  2. You've got a wonderful collection. It's funny the things that we just have to collect. I love collecting flower frogs, but they're hard to come by - at least the nice ones.