Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy Day in New York

It was a good day today. We did a lot of work and a little bit of fun stuff. I am working on a fabric line for next year and we made the most of every hour today. We got out to walk quite a bit today also, despite the rain. We stopped a bought some umbrellas which seem to be abundant on the streets. For lunch, I got to experience my first falalfal, I got an African falalfal. I actually remembered to photograph it before I ate it. It was pretty yummy, a bit spicy but still yummy!

We shopped at a few fabric stores around the Garment District and shopped a few local souvenir stores today also, we're tourists, what can I say? Tomorrow we may do a little work and a lot of fun stuff. We plan to sight see in the afternoon and meet up with my sister tomorrow evening for dinner. As for tonight, we are beat. I think it's a good night to go to bed early, we may change our minds and go out though. Last night we stayed up until 1:15 am and tonight it's starting to show.

WE might to to ABC News in the morning of we get up early enough and it's not raining. It is very close, just a couple of blocks.

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