Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Week Giveaway

This week I'll offer Cross Stitch Chart #53 Christmas Ornaments and Chart #54 Little Candle Mats- American Sheep for the weekly giveaway. There will be two winners. All you have to do is email me by midnight next Saturday with "Christmas" in the title and included your name and mailing address. Every week we have many entries that do not include their address and they are not considered. Please remember to add it in there. We don't share it nor do we store it for future spam. That's a promise. It just makes sending out the prize much easier and faster when we already have it.

For the quilters, we offer a giveaway this week of two quilt patterns- #369 Winter's Song and #383 Three Stockings. All you have to do is email me before midnight next Saturday with "Quilt" in the title and send you name and mailing address. I'll personally pick two winners next Sunday morning before I go to church.

My beagle is going crazy this morning due to the two coyotes hunting mice in the field behind us. There's snow on the ground and I can see them very clearly today. They are about twice the size of my beagle and she's smart enough to stay a good distance away while barking to make sure they know they are in HER territory! She's a tough one. Sometimes she will chase after one if it's alone until it turns on her and she runs back to the house with her tail between her legs! Very pretty out there with the snow.


  1. What wonderful prizes. I have sent off an email for both. Love those quilts.

  2. These are wonderful designs, very pretty. Thanks you for sharing with this lovely giveaway. I will be sending emails right away. Have a great day. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.