Thursday, December 17, 2009

Busy Time of the Year

Wow, Christmas is next week already and I have not started my shopping yet. Honestly, I have been so busy with the move and all, time just simply slipped away from me. I guess it's to late to start shopping online so I'll likely have to face the crowd and just do it. We have a great Mall here and normally it's not crowded during the day. My biggest problem is what to get everyone. I guess tonight I'll start making a list, checking it twice, and well, you know. I did put a Christmas tree up even though I actually thought about skipping it this year with the move so close and all. Just call Ebeneezer I guess.

Incidentally, Stitches, Etc. in St. Charles, MO will have my trunk show starting next week. My Little Candle Mats will be on display along with other models.

Don't forget to enter for the Tree Skirt Giveaway before Saturday at midnight. There's already a LOT of entries so competition is great with this one! I've sold almost all of the quilts listed last week. If you're interested in any of the quilts that were listed, email me at and I'll see if I still have it. Thanks to everyone who helped me clear out a large stack of quilts. I'm sure I'll find more to let go of once I get everything moved.

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