Sunday, October 14, 2012

One More Sunday Post- Pumpkin Contest Winners

Remember the pumpkin contest?  OK, so I 'm a little behind in announcing the winners......and the winners are........

There were two categories- Best Pumpkins and Clever Finishing.

 This was submitted by Vicki in MN.  She used a mottled orange felt and she stated that the small 6x14 dimension was perfect to sit on this bed spring! She added moss and orange sprigs to the spring, pumpkin stem is a cinnamon stick and then some silk fall leaves.  Clever!

This was finished by Linda in IL.  I think Linda owns every pattern I have ever designed!  She did a great job on these little guys.  I think both of these pictures  fit into both categories, don't you? 

Great job ladies!  I'll be sending you both  bundles on the Rustling Leaves fabrics 
and thank you for sharing with us.


  1. Congratulations ladies...these are fantastic!

  2. Congrats to the winners, the pumkins are too cute!