Sunday, October 14, 2012

Today's Fall Fabric Winner

I got up early to choose a winner this morning!  It was a short contest for sure but I actually had a lot of entries regardless.  This is a bundle of my Rustling leaves fabric from Benartex.  I will have another drawing next weekend for a different bundle from the same line, we'll call it Part 2.

Today's winner: Lola from VA.

Congratulations Lola!  I'll be sending you a bundle of fabric this week.

Thank you all for such sweet emails and I wish I could answer them all.  I do love school and when I'm done (yes, in 4 more weeks) there will be a void in my life for sure but I have already talked myself out of continuing for an MBA.  I think I will enjoy some reading again in my spare time.  That's what is really missing- spare time!  I have a huge stack of books just waiting and a little Toto girl (my Yorkie) waiting to snuggle while I read.  Sounds like a great combination, don't you think!

We have been doggie sitting for my son's Boston Terrier this weekend and I think we are ready for another puppy!  It's hard sharing Toto with my son- we fight over her!  It might be time to consider a new addition.

Quilts have been on a back burner for 2 years and I admit I need to step up.  Cross Stitch has suffered also.  I have a ton of ideas just waiting to get out.  I think I'll have plenty to do to fill the void after a bit of down time.  

Meanwhile, I have been listing fabrics, a little at a time,  on eBay for several months and I love the feeling of cleaning out and letting go.  I have so many plastic tubs full of craft supplies and older fabrics that I will probably never ever use again.  If you haven't looked at eBay for fabric- you should.  What bargains!  Last week I sold sold some fall/ acorn/ and Moda pieces- about 2 yards total for $1.25.  It's a deal and there's a LOT of auctions on there.

Next week-  A new bundle of fall fabric from Benartex:
1.  Email me at by midnight Saturday night, Oct 20.
2.  Put "Part 2" in the subject line. 
3.  Include your name and address in the body of the email- if you don't- I can't choose you. Them's the Rules!

 I promise not to share this important information- it just makes it easier for me to send you your goodies without having to track you down later.  I'm impatient- I like to move things out fast!

The fabric is another group from the Rustling leaves line.  There is one more group we'll have for the week of Oct 21.  

Someone will win- will it be you?

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