Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Day Late & a Dollar Short...

"A day late and a dollar short" - That's how my wise old dad used to always say it anyway, seems like I am behind no matter what I spend my time on.  I think it's the custom of the times as there's just so much to do and I for one spend a lot of time on my computer.  Wasting time?  nah!  Surely email is not a waste of time, is it?

I've been up for two and a half hours and I'm still reading emails.  I tend to "piddle" as my dad would say.  No, that's not what you think- piddle means to waste time doing insignificant things.  The Merriam-Webster dictionary says it is  to dawdle or putter.  OK, it also lists the "other" meaning but that's not how I wasted my time this morning.  Another dictionary said it is to spend time aimlessly or "diddle"-  that's it!  I guess I aimlessly diddle my way through the computer at times.

There's just so much to do these days, first you check you personal email.  You never know who might send you one after all.  Then, there's the business email.  You know, the one where those orders come from.  Pretty important stuff.  Answering the ones that need it is another time issue.

Then there's Facebook.  You have to run down through Facebook to see everyone's pictures that they posted since you looked the last time.  It's a weekend and there's always parties and grand kids to check out.  You can spend a lot of time on there.  After that, it's Pinterest- you never know what recipe has been added and you might miss it if you don't keep up.  And Blogs- I seldom get time anymore but they are ready and waiting for me when I can read them.  Twitter is a whole other issue.  Who has time for it all?

I keep little notes laying on my desk of things to check out next time I'm logged on.  My desk is full of them.  All day long, oh yes, I need to search "that" the next time I'm on.  You can search anything you need these days, including the correct definition of piddle

I usually have my shopping list on my desk also and when I get those coupons- and I always get them- I am ready for a quick purchase.  After all, someone has to keep the economy going, right?  Anybody shop Staples?  They just sent, by email,  a $20 off a $50 purchase.  You can't pass that one up!  Penney's used to have great coupons but they have failed recently in my book.  See below.

I need to find a way to reduce my computer piddle or diddle time and get more done. The internet is great but it's suppose to save us time.  The time I save is in turn spent on the internet.  Somehow that just doesn't work out in my favor.  Anybody else?

On to better things- we have a winner this week (week 2 of fall fabric bundles) and it's

 Trish from Canada!  

Congratulations Trish- you are the winner!  I'll be emailing you about sending it so you hopefully don't have to pay a tax on it.

Next week:  the final FALL FABRIC BUNDLE

 A half yard cut of each of these fall leaves fabrics...

1.  Email me at by Saturday Oct 27 midnight.
2.  Put "FINAL FALL" in the subject line
3.  Include your name and mailing address in the body.

As for J C Penney's... I always loved Penney's.  I was the best customer it had but lately- it is horrible.  I went there last week to shop and they have rearranged the store, again.  The bath and bed department is missing half of its stock.  There were 2 checkout stations per floor.  These are HUGE floors.  One was for the entire home section and the other was for the entire clothes, kids, lingerie and shoes.  The only good thing was that no one was in the store so there was no wait.  I guess others are confused by it all also. 
When I finally found the house shoes on a different floor, they no longer carried normal brands like Dearfoams to my horror and what they did have, was bright and animal-ish, more for teens.  I searched and searched and only found one nightgown in my size, (and I bought it) everything was geared to the younger crowd, the things girls wear at a pajama party or too old for me... my first thought was, "am I in the right department?", but yep, I was- there was no other.  I have to say I am looking for a new alternative.  Maybe it's online (think piddle here), maybe somewhere else but until Penney's snaps out of this new way of doing business, I'm not going back.

OK, off for more coffee!

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