Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it Fall Yet?

Man, it is so hot. We are having yet one more week of 95+ temps and heat indexes of over 105. Does it ever end? This has been such a hot summer for the Midwest. It is helping the tomatoes as we have an abundance of them now. I bought more bacon today for BLT's. I also bought another gallon of milk for home made ice cream. Yum. Can we ever really get enough? I think not. I am going to try peach ice cream this week, and maybe lime. I always like to experiment.

I gave in tonight and had coffee with Cinnamon Vanilla creamer. It's been four weeks since I had any so I think it's safe to say I am not addicted anymore. It sure was yummy but I think I'll drink it sparingly. I'm pulling a late night tonight as I do so often. I'm on a roll, as I like to say.

I went down to Memphis this past weekend to visit my mom and her sister and I took Sarah and Grace with me again. I just love it when they go. I tell you, Grace is such a good traveler. You'd think being 3 years old that she would have issue of being in a vehicle for 8 hours but she does so good. Normally the trip would take 6-1/2 but traveling with a 3 year old makes for a lot of stops! Other than many potty breaks, she pretty much plays, sings songs and naps the entire trip, each time we go.

We visited the duck pond again. I think it's Grace's favorite thing to do in Memphis. She feels like she has the duckies trained. She calls and they come running! It doesn't hurt that she has food to share also.

I decided to do a giveaway this week. I know it's been a while. Email me with your name and mailing address by Saturday at midnight and put the word "Memphis" in the title. I'll draw two names on Sunday. The winners will each get both of my new cross stitch charts.


  1. I'm addicted to Cinnamon Bun creamer myself! But I haven't had any for about 8 weeks since it has been too hot to drink coffee here too. Perhaps I'm on the wagon as well!

  2. I'm addicted to the Hazelnut Creamer. I had to quit buying it because I was drinking coffee at all hours of the day just to get my fix. There's nothing like a good cup of coffee late at night when I'm all alone stitching. I haven't had any in a couple of months either. I'm doing really well with it, although now I'm hooked on Constant Comment Hot Tea. LOL....Oh..the life of an addict...


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  4. Memphis,
    I too love Constant Comment. A friend introduced me to it in St Louis, this hot and muggy summer. please enter my name into your giveaway. Thanks,
    Dotti Elgart