Monday, February 8, 2010

I Lost It Again!

Not only did I loose a whole month of January but I lost last week also. Where does the time go? Seems like it was just Christmas and my life is a blur these days. Believe it or not, I'm STILL not done unpacking. I know, the word Pack Rat comes to mind again. Honestly, I work at this everyday! Maybe I'm getting slow in my old age. Here's a picture of some of the mess I have been going through. It looks better now but I'm not done yet.

Friday evening I was carrying a box of tiny little screws and nails, and it was a actually a pretty good size box. Of course, I could not see where I was going because I was looking at the contents. I tripped over a shelf board that was conveniently left leaning against a table along the floor. Unfortunately, I was the one who left it there so I couldn't even blame anyone. Not only did I trip and land head first into the floor, but I dumped the entire box everywhere and beat myself up at the same time. I didn' t break anything but I have a lot of rug burns and a beautiful long scrape down my shin. I also have a dent across my swollen nose from the reading glasses I had on at the time. Hopefully in time it will go away.

I did get to rest the remainder of the weekend! It was much needed. I got a lot of attention from my grandkids all weekend also! My wonderful son came and picked up all of screws and nails for me.

I am back to moving around today so I wanted to offer a new drawing this week. I know I'm a little late this week but better late than never. I guess I have Spring Fever!
For the week, open to everyone, I'm offering a finished and quilted spring wall quilt from my pattern Tulip Thyme. It is made with Nancy Halvorsen fabrics.

Email me by Saturday at midnight at
Put the word "Tulip" in the title.
Include your name and mailing address. I will choose a lucky winner on Sunday.


  1. Oh wow! Your accident so sounds like something that I have been known to do. I do hope that you are recovering!!

    The spring wall quilt is lovely - sure could use spring here after all of the snow we've had and more coming!!

  2. Good luck with the unpacking !!
    beautifull spring quilt, love the colors.

  3. Oooh!! Ouch!! Sounds like a nasty fall. Was wise to rest over the weekend. Sounds like you are mending well. You have a very helpful family, how nice is that. Love the tulip quilt. Looks like spring to me. And Nancy Halvorsen fabrics are always lovely. Thank you for sharing.
    Time seems to disappear faster than we want it to. I know the feeling rather well. Have the same problem.
    Have a great day.

  4. Owieee! That hurts! Been there, done that! So glad you were able to take a bit off and enjoy those grandkids.

  5. Love your snowmen, hope you are feeling better,thanks for the comment on my blog. Love that tulip quilt thanks for the heads up.
    Just take care and no more falling over.Hugs