Sunday, February 21, 2010

An Embarrassing Situation!

OK, I said it. I'm pretty embarrassed because I can't find my camera. I know it's here but have no idea where "here" is. I really want to offer something special this week but I can't take a picture of it so it has to wait until next week. I do have things pretty well done around here now and my office is ship shape. You'd think I could find a little thing like a camera. I do have my mom's camera sitting here but no cords to use it. Next time I see her I can remedy that. For now, it's got to be another free pattern/ chart kind of drawing. Stay tuned for next week though.

Sorry for the delay in posting, as I babysat for the grandbabes all afternoon. I got two new rocker/ recliners this past Friday and I pretty much have been in mine ever since while home. My husband asked why I got two and I mentioned someone else would always be in it if I only got one! Having said that, he has been in "his" as much as I have been in mine this whole weekend. We got a lot of good reading done!

Saturday we went to an Indoor Garage Sale. We took a truck full of "stuff" and came home with less than 1/2 so it was successful! In my quest to downsize I am planning a few more this year!

This week, for Cross Stitchers- One winner this week.
One of each of the Colors of the Seasons cross stitch charts #2, 11, 12 14, 19, and 23. You can see them on the website at
To enter, email me at with "Colors" in the title.
Include name and mailing address.

This week, for Quilters- One winner this week.
One complete set of Through The Year Series- 12 blocks of the month.
To enter, email me at with "TTY" in the title.
Include name and mailing address.

Good luck this week!


  1. What lovely prizes on offer this week. Hope you find your camera soon.

  2. So pleased the lost camera has been found Cheryl. Also to say Tulips is gorgeous and looks lovely on my settee. I was going to hang it on the wall but I do like it where it is .Thanks so much, if any of you ladies want to take a look at my win come and look at my blog. For your generosity and being such a lovely person thankyou. Hugs Barb

  3. Cheryl, You have quite the collection of goodies this week. We (your audience) are really quite lucky. Thanx.