Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Tulip Winner Barbara!

Barbara let me know that she was thrilled to win the tulip quilt on her Birthday! How cool is that? So, Happy Birthday Barbara!

I am working on a couple of new cross stitch designs to release very soon. I hated to miss the Nashville Show this week but I knew with moving I would not be ready in time.

It's so quiet around here today. We were doggie sitting our son's Boston Terrier for the last four days while they went skiing and now she's gone home. I was just getting used to having a shadow, literally with every step! Maybe now I can get some work done!


  1. How neat is that winning it on her birthday. Glad that things are getting back to normal. Can't wait to see your new patterns.

  2. Congrats Barbara!
    And Happy B-Day!