Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gold Fabrics, Bees & Winners

What a lazy week! I didn't get much at all done and I have no excuses except for the weather. I can blame it on the weather! When it's hot, I don't feel like working. When it's cool and breezy like the last few days- I want to play even more. I guess it's that summer thing- you know, when the kids are out of school and everyone seems to get into vacation mode.

The windows are open- the cool breeze is coming in and it feels so nice this morning. The only thing I have to contend with is, well, that I'm sneezing. Ah-choo. It is allergy season. By the way, I am doing the allergy drops from my ENT and I can honestly say they seem to be working already. I started about 4 months ago and my allergies aren't nearly ad bad as they were. The drops are so much easier than shots. First of all, I do them at home and only go in every 3-4 months so none of those weekly co-pays. Secondly- it's painless! They say after 2 years of drops that my allergy symptoms will be virtually gone. Check with your local ENT if you suffer.

Drum-roll please- The winner of the gold fabric bundle from Benartex and What's All the Buzz? pattern is Lisa from Maryland. Congratulations Lisa!

I have to say I am never good at picking winners, in fact, I want everyone to be a winner but unfortunately I only have one gold bundle of fabric. When the fabric finally comes in, I'll do another drawing for several bundles. It should be shipped in a month or so. For now- I appreciate everyone who entered and I want to send you all a free What's All The Buzz? pattern. If you entered and put your address in the email, I'll send you a free pattern this week. Thank you for following my Blog. Some of you have been with me since the start.

If you haven't seen the last post about pumpkins- check it out. I give instructions for pumpkins made with cotton quilt batting. Just a head up- later this summer, probably starting later in July or early August, we will have a special for the pumpkins and here's how it will go:

Make some pumpkins using the method I described with fabric, felt, batting, whatever and finish them any way you want, with sticks, grapevine or even cinnamon sticks.
Send pictures to me at with your name and address.
I will post the pictures with first names on the Blog on a regular basis and let everyone vote on the best look, most creative, and so on. Winner(s) will get a big bundle of my fall fabrics. Does that sound fun? Start making those pumpkins soon. I'll re-post the instructions at a later date.

Congratulations-you're all winners this week! Just be patient with me- there's a LOT of envelopes to address. I'll do some each day so give it a week or so to get them.

THIS NEXT WEEK- we'll have a drawing for two (2) of the Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 5.

To enter:
Email me at by Saturday, June 9 at midnight, with 100 in the subject line.
Put your name and address in the body of the email.

UPDATE: I corrected the email address- sorry about that! Also- the allergy drops go under the tongue... EASY!


  1. Congratulations to Lisa. You will have a lot of fun using those gorgeous colors.

    The drops for your allergies sounds great for you. I'm glad to hear they are working for you. I assume the drops are those you put in your nose? I can have all sorts of surgeries or shots but, I can NOT put drops or anything else in my nose. I have tried so many times. I can't even use the mist sprays used for the nose. I'm just that sensitive for some reason.

    You are super sweet to be sending your pattern to all those who had entered the last giveaway if they followed instructions and put their address in the email to you. Thank you very much.

    I wanted to point something out too although the link is correct so as long as anyone using it clicks that link to email you it's fine. But the part we see in your blog post is wrong the way it was typed with an extra O in the email addy. I'm sure however, that everyone knows it should be aol. Isn't it fun when our fingers do things we don't want them to do? LOL

    Have a great day.

  2. Congrats to Lisa!!!
    I'm glad you're getting some relief for your allergies.
    The Pumpkin contest sounds cool! :)
    Thank you for being so generous to all of us Cheryl. :)

  3. Congratulations to Lisa. Wow how generous to send everyone a pattern that sent their address. I never feel bad about not winning and you shouldn't feel bad that you can't give something to everyone just having a giveaway is very generous.

  4. I'm glad the drops are helping you. I've had horrible fall allergies for as long as I can remember. If I stay inside in the AC, I do ok but with my volunteer job with DS's band, I'm outside it in a lot. Last fall for the first time, I asked for a "magic shot" (a steroid). It worked great but not something I can do very many times b/c of the possible side effects.

    One more year and I won't be outside in the fall as much.

  5. Congratulations to Lisa! And thank you Cheryl so very much for your generously sending all the participants the pattern.
    The little fall pumpkin 'contest' sounds wonderful. I just hope I have some time to make up some pumpkins. Fall is my favorite.
    For some reason, I have been hit with allergies this spring/summer and have lost my voice and it is going on three weeks now. My husband is very happy about that! LOL

  6. Lucky Lisa, and lucky us for having such a generous blogger! Thank you!!

  7. Thank you so much hun; I got my pattern today and it's beautiful!!

    Hugs, Shar

  8. Congratulations, Lisa!
    Thank you so much for the What's All the Buzz? pattern.
    (Mine came in the mail today)
    Your pumpkins are on my to do list ♥