Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I've Been A Very Busy Girl

I spent the weekend cutting my new fabric lines, folding it, photographing it and listing it all on my website. It has come to my attention that Benartex is out of most of the Wintersong line at this time so I got some up there to fill the void, so to speak. I don't have much but it's something.

Take a look~~

I have a few panels from the Wintersong and Rustling leaves lines also for sale on there. I have been cleaning and organizing, with all of the heat going on, what's a girl to do anyway? Tomorrow will be 97, followed by 102 on Thursday, 101 on Friday. Yep, it's summer in Mid-Missouri.
On the bright side, our corn is tasseling, our tomatoes are growing big but not quite ripe yet, zucchini and cucumbers are being eaten, and our watermelons are as big as a grapefruit. All is well with the world I guess. We even have peaches on our little peach tree.
We have a fishing trip planned soon and a little r and r. Time for a good book.

Anybody reading something I need to know about? I'm looking for my next read.


  1. Read this and scooted over to the link to your Etsy shop and ordered the Wintersong Panel. It said there was only one left...I hope it is still available for my purchase. My sister loves cardinals and she is going through a really hard time right now so I thought this would delight her in a small way. Thanks!

  2. VERY VERY jealous of your fruits and veggies. We never got anything planted this year and I am super sad about that. I absolutely LOVE fresh tomatoes and get so upset in shopping the farmers markets around here. It seems they are all selling fresh fruits and veggies out of boxes with things they bought out of California or Florida. WHAT? WHERE are the local veggies they are supposed to be selling at the LOCAL Farmers market anyway? We bought some really awesome planters last year that can self irrigate the soil inside and my husband was nice enough to get everything planted in those for me since I can't do a lot of walking and bending over putting pressure on my knees is extremely painful. He's such a great guy but this year we just didn't get out to buy the plants.

    Feel free to mail me some of yours. I would happily take your extra tomatoes. LOL Wait?! Is there such a thing as extras? I know from my past experience when you have fresh tomatoes you either have a lot of visitors about the time they're ready OR later in the year, they run when they see you coming because you have given them SO may they don't want anymore. LOL

    Oh well. Wish me luck finding somewhere this year that sells REAL LOCAL tomatoes.

    OH wait......should I have been commenting about the awesome fabrics maybe? oops.

  3. I love to read! Here are a few that you might be interested in:

    Cross Creek by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
    The Big House by George Howe Colt
    The Reading Promise:My Father and the Books We Shared by Alice Ozma
    A Small Country Living Goes On by Jeanine McMullen
    Gardening Letters to My Daughter by Anne Scott-James
    And finally......*ANYTHING* by Gladys Taber

  4. The fabrics are gorgeous!

    I love to read too. I'm currently on the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy.

    1. that's the one I want next, and I'm getting it on my Kindle tonight!