Friday, June 22, 2012

Another Hot Weekend

I assume everyone got their Bee patterns already, in fact, I think most of you have emailed me a thank you. The eight overseas packages just went out Monday so they are on their way.

I have been laying low this week, pampering my knee. I twisted it last week and it is popping and grinding with every move. I know, that doesn't sound good to me either. I saw my orthopaedic doctor and I have a brace to wear for 4-6 months! I think the brace bothers me more now!

There was the most beautiful waxing crescent moon last night. The weather in mid Missouri has been extreme- no rain and high temperatures. We were tempted with a wonderful storm yesterday and it was a county away, then it dissipated! Completely! That's just wrong!


  1. That video of Lily is too cute.
    Look at how her big eyes are just glued to that screen! lol
    Hope your knee feels better soon, and that you get some much-needed rain.

  2. Your DGD is so cute! One of my favorite sounds is hearing a baby laugh.

    I hope your knee feels better soon.

  3. How sweet; I needed a smile this morning and she diffidently is a cutie!! I FULLY understand about the "Grandma thing" I LOVE being a Grandma more than anything...Hope your knee feels better..