Sunday, August 7, 2011

We have a Winner!

Thanks for all of the comments you all sent in the emails . I thoroughly enjoy reading them . Another hot week here in Missouri and most of you mentioned having hotter than normal weather . I've spent the week updating pictures and graphics in my files . I'm not near done yet , I'm only about 1/3 way through. It's takes a lot of time to change it all . I'll probably change a lot of my website when I'm done . The new pictures a re so much better . It's something I've been putting off way too long .

I only had one punchneedle winner this week but had a lot of entries and a lot of comments . Most of you mentioned never having tried punchneedle . I think we'll extend the drawing one more week because I think everyone needs to try punchneedle . It's really relaxing and fun . To enter for a free punchneedle plus punch pattern of your choice :

Email me this week at before Saturday midnight 8/13 ,
and put PUNCH AGAIN in the subject line .
Put your name and mailing address in the email and I'll choose a name next Sunday .

My daughter is expecting her second child now and busy writing a book . It will be my 4th grandchild . Meanwhile, my 2 little grandsons got their hair buzzed this week and my heart was broken when their beautiful white hair disappeared. I know it will grow back but their daddy , my son Kirk , had the most beautiful white curly hair as a child (see the picture on the right when he was under 2 yrs old) . I just love curly hair! Here's a picture of the bald trio on the left !

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  1. Cheryl, I too get a little upset when my grandson's hair is all cut off. He has very thick wavy hair and it is so hot for him that they buzz it all summer long. Love that photo of the trio of baldies! LOL!!! Very hot here too!