Sunday, July 31, 2011

Riding the Waves!

Have you ever seen anything so cute? I had a Praying Mantis on my antenna for about 10 minutes the other day. He was riding the waves for sure. He danced, he flew, he hung on with one foot, he prayed with his hands together, he spread his wings. He eventually made his way to the top and flew off. I was going really slow once I saw him so I didn't hurt him. It was quite the circus act though. I didn't know they grew so big, he was huge. He thoroughly entertained me during the ride.

Our 100 degree heat wave continues for another week. Hopefully fall is just around the corner. It's my favorite time of the year.

I'm up early this Sunday piddling in the office. I haven't cleaned off my desk for a week and it's getting scary in here. I know there's probably a bill under here somewhere that's getting close to the due date. Sarah and Grace are coming this afternoon to stay the night and we plan to do some designing together. She is pregnant with her 2nd child now and we are all excited about that.

The corn is in Ziploc bags the freezer thanks to my husband Keith. The tomatoes are growing but it's not the best year. We've had some but not nearly as many or as big as years past. Zuchini and cucumbers are producing profusely. Today seems like a BLT kind of day. We're trying not to use the stove or oven much these days with the heat index about 110. We had a little rain last night and the humidity level just spiked.

I've been working on graphics for my website for the last couple of weeks, you know, changing pictures and drawing up some new stuff. It's been fun and I can spend 8 hrs easy on graphics without even stopping for food. I'll let you know when I get it all on the site for viewing. I have a few quilt designs ready, just waiting for my fabric line to come in. Should be in the next couple of weeks. As soon as they let me, I'll post pictures on the Blog.

I think it's time for a drawing. This week, I'll offer a 3 needle Punchneedle and Punchneedle pattern of your choice (you can pick from my website). If you have never tried to punch, now's the time to learn for free! There will be one winner.

To enter, email me at by midnight next Saturday, 8/6/11.
Put "PUNCH" in the subject line.
Include your name and mailing address in the email (for faster delivery of the winnings).

I'll post the winner next Sunday.

Good luck-


  1. I haven't done Punch Needle since I wasin college. I did it for an art project . . .something that elementary students would be able to do . teacher was impressed . . .I had fun.

  2. Hi Cheryl, that is so cute and amazing. We had one hanging on the side view mirror a few weeks ago as we drove. I kept telling my husband to take it slow. I tell you, they really can hang on.
    Stay cool!