Saturday, July 23, 2011

We're Having a Heat Wave, a Tropical Heat Wave.....

Just singing around the house these days, "we're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave". Remember that really old song? Today it's supposed to be another 100 degree day for the Midwest. (Ugh). I'm having company this weekend so I'm up early getting laundry done and the house cleaning finished. It was too hot to do it yesterday. Got my pot of coffee and creamer so I'm good for a few hours. I'll have to take a nap later.

I've had trouble getting motivated to do much all summer. I don't know if it's the heat, old age, or whatever. I can't seem to Blog, Tweet, or sew. I hope it passes soon. Anybody else having motivation troubles?

I spent the week semi-working on a new quilt, I have the quick fuse applique pieces ironed and cut out, background colors chosen and everything laid out and ready to iron. All I need now is a day to put it all together. There's like 200 pieces in the quilt, 30 blocks in all, so it was no small fete. I like it so far. I love designing, playing with fabric and choosing colors.

My little 20 month old grandson broke his collar bone last week jumping off the couch. He's pretty active and fearless. He has a little brace on him to hold one arm to his chest right now. The trouble is, it leaves him off balanced and now he falls more than ever without a hand to catch himself. The other day while I was over there, he fell on the floor in front of me, and while gently crying and trying to catch his breath, he said "I'm OK". He's just so cute. I love my babies.

I got an email this week that I got another block included in the next QuiltMaker's 100 Blocks Magazine. So, this fall, we'll have another Blog Tour to be included in along with more giveaways. Still waiting on my new fabric line to show up for the new designs I have for Quilt market. Won't be long now.


  1. Cheryl, sorry to hear about your little guy. He sounds so very sweet. They are all so precious, aren't they! I am trying to sew everyday but it is hard in the heat. The heat from the iron is a problem so last night I just pieced and stacked on the ironing board waiting to press.
    Congratulations on the block!!!

  2. I remember that song. It's a tropical heat wave here too in SE TX but not unusual for this time of year.

    I hope your GS recovers soon. Poor little guy!

    Congrats on your block being included in the magazine.

  3. I've been singing the same song . . it isn't surprising the temperatures rising . . LOL