Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Post

I don't think I've even been so aggravated in my life. I have been working on my website for weeks. It's done- it looks good, I'm happy with it. In order to keep things simple, I tried to transfer my domain name from the old company to another and it failed. I tried again and it failed again. I've spent all weekend trying to get the new site up and running. NOT. I called the new server who is open 24/7 and talked to 8 different people over 2 days time. There were only 2 that I could actually understand. More frustrating. Each one told me different things to try. I did them. NOT.

I tried to publish the new website through the old server and it failed. The old server is closed on weekends so I can' t deal with that. At this point, I'm just ready to scream. LOUDLY. Can you hear me yet? I will have to wait until tomorrow, Monday to do anything now. OK, I've vented.

I am one of those people that hate to leave things undone. I can't concentrate on anything new if I don't finish what I have started. It's going to be a long day. BUT- if I can get it up and running tomorrow, do check in and tell me what you think. I'm sure there are plenty of errors to fix so if you find one, please let me know. Until it's posted online, I can't really check everything so I'm anxious to do that.

I'm running a fever today so I didn't go to church this morning. It's probably from the stress of the weekend but I'll keep the germs at home, just in case. I'll post on Twitter, the Facebook pages and here when (and if) I ever get it up and running.

Still waiting on fabric to show up. School starts soon. Looking for a puppy- preferably Yorkie or Chihuahua but open to options. Checked the Humane Society and 2nd Chance Shelters yesterday but nothing for us.
Still searching.


  1. Sorry about the frustration! I hope you get it worked out asap.

  2. Oh man...that sounds so frustrating. I hope you can work it out tomorrow. I have no words of wisdom because I am lost when it comes to those things.
    Hope you feel better! It's a real bummer having a fever, especially in the summer.