Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just a Few More

Here is another new candle mat. It's #48, Little Candle Mat-Stockings. It is the latest in the candle mat series to be released this week in St. Charles. The detail on it is really so sweet. Pictures just don't do it justice. I'll have two more candle mats in a few weeks for the Online Needlwork Show. They are fun, fast and just look so darn cute. They are all finished with wool from Weeks Dye Works.

I have a great new line of Pre-finished Stitchables. Introducing Stitcher's Wallets, Check Book Covers & Eye Glass Cases.
They are handmade in the USA. They come in 8 fun colors- red, blue, tan, brown, green, black, pink & purple.

The wallets have a zippered coin pouch and a magnetic snap. The check book covers have 2 pockets inside for your checks and register.

They each come with a cross stitch chart (shown) and finishing directions. The designs can be permanently attached or temporary so you can change them out with the seasons! I am so excited about these! They will be on the website soon.

I am finally getting everything ready for the show. I'm actually getting to bed at a decent time tonight, the first time in weeks. Good night!

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  1. Your pre-stitched finishables are so exciting! I love that you took an everyday item we needed to use and dressed it up to reflect our lives as stitchers.