Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week 2 WINNERS! Yes, there are TWO!

Well, you did it.  The number of entries for Week 2 actually went up almost 50%  from Week 1 so I drew 2 names.   It's great but I'm still trying to reply to everyone and I hadn't thought about how long that would take!  I got a lot of notes though and want to personally reply to each entry.  I'm not half done but I thought I better get the winners posted.
They are:
Donna G. from TN
and Kathleen B. from MT

Congratulations to Nora Week 1 for winning the red bundle. 

Congratulations to Donna and Kathleen for winning Week 2. I will be sending you both a little bundle of green fabrics from the Snowfolk line this week.  I love doing these drawings!

This next week will be drawing number three for the bundle of blue fabrics from the Snowfolk fabric line. If we get the same number of entries, I will again draw two names.  If we get double, I will draw three winners.

This week #3 we have a drawing for the blue bundle from the Snowfolk line.

So, here's what you do for the Week 3:

Email me at before next Saturday night, December 21, at midnight central time. If you are not sure of this time zone, make sure you email before Saturday.

In the Subject LINE of the email put WEEK 3 BLUES.
This is very important.  ALL emails without this exact wording are not considered for the drawing.

In the BODY of the email- put your name and mailing address.
WE do not share this info with anyone, in fact, we delete them after the drawing.  This just makes it faster to ship the fabric TO YOU.
If you don't put your name and address BOTH in there, we will make a big ~~sigh~~ and draw another name.

ONE MORE THING- I will have a SPECIAL DRAWING at the end of the four weeks for each person that enters accordingly.  If you enter all 4 weeks, you get 4 chances.  If you enter 3 weeks, you get 3 chances, and so on.  

Week 4-

I have the Snowfolk fabric in stock on Etsy if you want to see the whole line.