Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Snowfolk Week 1 WINNER is....

I got my Christmas tree put up and Grace, my 6 year old granddaughter, came to help me decorate with the ornaments last night. She did a great job distributing the ornaments all over and not just in one spot like last year!  She even pointed out where each one was hanging last year.  It's a kid thing I guess!  We listened to Christmas music and she sang songs for me while we worked.
It was one of those special bonding times.  Her PaPa fed her ice cream and chocolate syrup afterwards for being such a good helper.  Now it's on to decorations around the house.

I got a new Kindle Fire last week and boy, I can't seem to set it down.  All I want to do is read.  I had the original Kindle and I loved it but the Fire is lit so I can read in bed without the lights on.  It also alerts me as to how many hours I have left to finish each book.  Great for deciding- go to sleep?  or just finish? I love it.

I did the Week #1 drawing first thing this morning, sifting through all of the emails and tossing the few who failed to add their address (~~sigh~~).  I pulled a winner, lucky number 37 this time, going by the order the emails come in.  The winner is Nora from NC.  Congratulations Nora, I will be sending you a little bundle of red fabrics from the Snowfolk line this week.  I love doing these drawings!

In fact, if I get 25% more entries this week,  I will draw TWO names this next weekend. Keep entering and tell your friends.  You just never know.

This week we have a drawing for the green bundle from the Snowfolk line.

So, here's what you do for the Week 2:

Email me at before next Saturday night, December 14, at midnight central time. If you are not sure of this time zone, make sure you email before Saturday.

In the Subject LINE of the email put WEEK 2 GREENS.
This is very important.  ALL emails without this exact wording are not considered for the drawing.

In the BODY of the email- put your name and mailing address.
WE do not share this info with anyone, in fact, we delete them after the drawing.  This just makes it faster to ship the fabric TO YOU.
If you don't put your name and address in there, we will make a big sigh and draw another name.

ONE MORE THING- I will have a SPECIAL DRAWING at the end of the four weeks for each person that enters accordingly.  If you enter all 4 weeks, you get 4 chances.  If you enter 3 weeks, you get 3 chances, and so on.  

I have put some of the bundles in my Etsy Store if you want to see the whole line.  It's full of reds, greens and navy blues.  Perfect for snowmen and frosty ideas.

I just listed a bunch of finished things on Ebay.   If you still need some gifts, check this out...

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  1. I missed the drawing for the red but I won't miss the greens. This is BEAUTIFUL fabric. Thanks for the chance to win.