Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fall is Just Around the Corner!

I've been so busy with my recent class and totally ignored my other job! I just finished Financial Management and by far, my hardest class. I'm so glad it is over. I hope for a A but at this point, will be really happy with a B!
One more subject - Managerial Policies- and I'm done. What a ride it has been! I now know I am OCD, I know how to write excellent papers, do research online, I know the stock market up and down, the time value of money, I can type with my thumbs- some call it texting, har har, and meet other college students at Starbucks. I guess I've finally grown up but when did that happen?
Next month at Quilt Market, I have a new line of fabric coming out but the fabric won't be in soon enough to make quilts so I have no new patterns for the show. I plan to go and hang out but will not have a booth this time. My last Capstone presentation is the week after Quilt Market and I anticipate having enough to do about that time.
We lost a 20 year old spruce to the drought this year. It's completely gone now. Sad. The cardinals will miss it this winter. We did get 6" of rain last week so everything is finally greening up after 3 months of no rain. It's a shame that it came too late for a lot of local trees and bushes.

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