Sunday, September 16, 2012

Beautiful Sunday Morning

Fall is almost here and you can tell with the cooler temps we are having that it is going to go fast, I'm afraid. We are past the hot weather, dead grass phase and into the green growing grass, cloudy, rain and cool night phase. It's great! Even with all of the mowing- I'll take it.

I watched my granddaughters last night and enjoyed a little quiet time snuggling with 5 year old Grace on the couch after 7 month old Lily fell asleep in my arms. Such a joy having grand kids- they are so precious!

I finished my last class- Financial Management- with an A and I'm totally shocked since it was a really hard class. I rejoice though! I don't ever want to be a Financial Manager but learning about the stock market was really interesting. I have one more class to graduate and then I hope to be back to designing patterns full time. It's been a long road for this grandma the last two years. When I started school I had no idea I could keep up, much less get straights A's. I can tell you it is much easier to go to school as an adult- a friend named Michael once told me that college was wasted on the young. They don't have the direction and focus coming out of high school that adults have later on. I thought about an MBA but I am happy to be finished I think. I am tired of being so busy!

I have cross stitch ideas on my mind and can't wait to get the in charts so they can be stitched. I have some quilt ideas in mind and can't wait to get started. My next fabric lines will debut this fall in Houston- to be sold next year so patterns will follow after Christmas.

By the way, I go on Pinterest all the time and I've found the best recipes and home ideas. If you haven't joined- you should! I've made a lot of the soups I got on there and haven't found one bad recipe yet- they are great! There's a link on the right to follow me.

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