Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, Monday!

We had internet issues yesterday and I couldn't get on to blog, imagine that! I could have done it from my phone but honestly, I'm not THAT good at typing with my thumbs! I'm bad enough with my fingers! I did pick 2 winners because there were a LOT of entries. I love the notes everyone sends, thanks so much- I wish I had time to answer them all.
Winners are
Patricia from NC
and Kelly from KS

Thanks ladies- I'll cut a special selection of the line and send it with a panel for you to use.

I was sick a couple days this weekend but still able to accomplish quite a bit. I even got to babysit Lily and Grace. Nathan and Patrick were here for a while and with 4 screaming grandkids- it was a zoo! At one point, my husband just looked at me and walked outside! The peace and quiet when they all left was priceless! They were like wild animals! We had a great time and Lily slept in my arms while I rocked her pretty much most of the time. Who would put her down after all? I love that baby sleeping/ cuddle time!

I have 5 new patterns underway so far and even have directions and graphics done. Waiting on quilting to finish up. I'll start posting pictures soon. I'm finishing embroidery on another quilt and it should be off soon. I love when they all get to this point. I have to start the next fabric line very soon, as soon as I finish my 10 page paper for my International Business class. Not my favorite subject but 3 more class times and I'm done. That means I have 4 classes to go to graduate. Wow- it has gone so fast! I will have all kinds of time after that! Maybe!

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